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Where can i get a loan with Bad credit 3000 loan pay back in 12 months?

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How do you get a loan with bad credit?

A person with 'less than perfect credit' can try to obtain a secured credit card. These cards can come with a couple of hundred dollars in fees but can help re-establish credi

Currently have a credit score of 630 with 6 items in collections which are paid in full this month 30K in student loans start paying this month How will your credit look in 12 months?

Answer . That's really a question for a credit counseling type company who can answer questions relating to your credit score.. I can tell you that until you consolidate y

A 3000 dollar usecured personal loan with bad credit andno cosigner?

It will be hard to get a loan, however it can be done. I am in the same situation but i keep trying. Try a local finance company. Or Prosper, i did not have luck with them b

If took out a car loan for someone. They could not co-sign dut to bad credit. Can I sue if they stop paying me back?

No, by signing the contract as a co-signer you automatically accept the responsibility if the signer is not paying you will be financially responsible for the loan. There is n