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Where can you get the biography of Virginia ty-Navarro?

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You can get her biography in the encyclopedia of artists published by the Cultural Center of the Philippines. The national museum has a copy, and so does the libraries of Ateneo de Manila and UP Diliman.
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What are the parts of biography?

There are several parts of a biography. The main parts include  introduction, accomplishments and conclusion. A biography is a life  history of a person.

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What is a biography of Virginia moreno?

The biography of Virginia Moreno includes obtaining her BA Degree  in Fine Art in 2005. She attended the Mariano Timon School of Art,  Palencia from 1997-2000.

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Who is Virginia ty-Navarro?

She was the sculptor of the Our Lady, Queen of Peace of the EDSA Shrine in Ortigas Ave., Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines who was rumored "to have died deeply sad a (MORE)

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What is the purpose of a biography?

To educate people about the person who the biography is about.and  to tell people about someone important in the past.