Where can you get the biography of Virginia ty-Navarro?

Where can you get the biography of Virginia ty-Navarro?
You can get her biography in the encyclopedia of artists published by the Cultural Center of the Philippines. The national museum has a copy, and so does the libraries of Ateneo de Manila and UP Diliman.
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What is a biography?

A biography is an essay or book about a person's life. It provides details about who they were and what they did, sometimes limited to only a certain facet or part of the pers (MORE)

What is the purpose of a biography?

To educate people about the person who the biography is about.and  to tell people about someone important in the past.

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What are biographies and autobiographies?

  A biography is the name given to a book which details somebody's life, often from their birth until their death. If you write a biography of yourself it is called an aut (MORE)

What is a Partial biography?

Biography that dramatizes some of the events in the life of its subject.....WrongIt's    Biography that focuses on ONE stage or aspect of a person's life.Apex.John Han (MORE)

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What is a complete biography?

A complete biography tells about a specific person's entire life, normally from birth to death.

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What is a mini biography?

A mini biography is exactly how it sounds, a shorter less extended version of a biography only using key ideas from whomevers life.

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