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Where did most ancient civilization develop?

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Ancient civilizations began by rivers and fertile lands. The first civilizations started in the Fertile Crescent, around the Nile river. This was known as the "Cradle of Civilization"
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Why did most ancient civilizations develop near rivers?

Most ancient civilizations needed the fertile land, food sources  (water-based fowl, fish, etc.), and trading opportunities found  near rivers to support their community. Ov

Why did a civilization develop in ancient Egypt?

it all start when a dog and a cat start to be come best friend .the dog was like are are dogs and cats .then the cat siad lets go and eat food .and then they went there. abnd

Where ancient civilizations developed?

Commonly near water, the most stunning of civilizations were near the ocean and near an area called the Fertile Crescent. Water has large part to do with the development of a

Why did the ancient civilizations develop in rivers?

Because water is the single most important element to a human being. For any civilisation to flourish, they need water for their crops, for their domestic animals and, of cour

How did ancient Greece civilization develop?

Nomads from the east settled in Europe over three thousand years  ago - the Latin baranch in Italy and the Greek branch in Greece.  The Greek branch - nomadic Ionians, Doria