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In Science
Assuming you are referring to the different types of "environmental stimuli," as in biology, the answer would include many sources. All living things (organisms) respond to environmental stimuli; this is one of the seven key characteristics of living things (including evolution, order, regulation, growth and development, reproduction, and energy utilization). So, for example, our bodies can respond to physical damage by making us aware of it through our feeling of pain. The "fight or flight" response can be triggered by threatening environmental stimuli. Or, a Venus fly trap will snap shut when an insect lands in its trap.
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How does threshold stimulus occur?

Answer . The "Threshold" just means the point at which something occurs, such as sound. The threshold of a sound would be the volume at which you would first start to hear the sound.

What increases the likelihood that a behavior will occur again by removing an unpleasant stimulus?

You are describing 'negative reinforcement'. People very often confuse negative reinforcement with punishment. Punishment is clearly not a reinforcer in the context of operant conditioning. Negative reinforcement is. The frequency of a behavior goes up when that behavior results in the removal of a noxious stimulus. It would work for me.

What is stimulus?

It is a signal that causes an animal to react in some way. Some stimulus comes from outside the animal's body, while other stimulus, like thirst, come from inside the animal's body. The animal's reaction to the stimulus is called a response . ------------------------------------------------ stimulus can be a object , piece of writing or a a photo that you can use to help create a performance in drama

What are stimulus and response?

Stimulus is the cause or change in an organism's surroundings thatcauses the organism to react. Response is the effect caused by the stimulus, like the reaction tothe stimulus.

What is a stimulus?

A 'Stimulus' is a prop mostly used in plays or theatres that youbuild up a story on. For Example, you could use a torch if you aredoing a scene of a play when you have to search for something orsomeone in the dark. Then you build up more ideas on it. . stimulus (physiology), something external that affects a sensoryreceptor and influences an activity . stimulus (psychology), a concept in behaviorism . For government spending as stimulus: see fiscal policy . for an increase in money designed to speed growth: see monetarypolicy . for general informaton about economic stimulus: seestimulus

What is a stimulus response?

the simplest response to a stimulus is a reflex which there is only a sensory nerve and a motor nerve involved.

What is an external stimulus?

Something from around you that gets you to do something. It is, also, things outside of your body that do not necessarilycause you to do things, but affect the way you do things.

What is maximal stimulus?

Maximal Stimulus is the weakest stimulus at which all muscle cells in the muscle are contracting.

What is imprinting stimulus?

If you mean what causes the wolves to imprint, the wolf has to look into the eyes of their soul mate to be able to imprint!

What is a stimulus and a receptor?

A stimulus is something that changes something else. For example sound, light, taste... etc. I'm not to sure about receptor though.

Stimulus for smelling?

The stimulus for smelling is olfactory. The olfactory is molecules that are in your nasal passages

What are plant stimulus?

Plants respond to several stimuli. Chief among them are light,gravity, and water. They also respond to temperature and to touch.

What is stimulus threshold?

ST - In regards to excitable cell (i.e. neurons) the minimum mV need to trigger a AP (action potential) and is around -40mV (although this may vary depending on the cell). In additional to this; excitable cells (i.e. neurons) shows an all-or-nothing property, such that if the stimulus threshold is not met the action potential will not be created.

What is stimulus discrimination?

The definition of stimulus discrimination is the likelihood toreact to two or more stimuli that are alike. Stimulus is somethingthat causes a certain reaction in tissue or organs.

What is a internal stimulus?

Psychologically, an internal stimulus means to "motivate from within." For example, if you were learning a new language and you loved that language, you would work on the homework because it satisfies you and makes you happy. You are motivating yourself to work on something that is otherwise perceived negatively, which in this example would be the homework.

In drama what is a stimulus?

A starting point. Something used to base the piece around. There are 4 kinds of stimulus- words, images, sound and objects.

What is an action of change in behavior that occurs as a result to a stimulus?

A response is an action of change in behavior that occurs as aresult to a stimulus. The stimulus can be either internal orexternal.

The briefest of memories that occurs immediately following the reception of a stimulus?

According to Baddely & Hitch's multi-store model of memory, the store you are most likely referring to is the sensory store , also known as sensory memory . It features a relatively unlimited storage capacity, and a very brief duration of retention. Upon reception of a sensory stimulus, it will first be sent here before shortly either, if paid conscious attention to, being transferred to the short-term store , or lost. Different types of sensory information will be stored for varying durations. For example, visual stimuli ( iconic memory ) will be retained for approximately 0.2-0.4 seconds, and auditory stimuli ( echoic memory ) will be stored for around 2-4 seconds.

1 List the physiological events that occur between delivery of the stimulus and the start of the recorded response?

The speed of nerve impulse transmission changes as the body ages. In infants, the transmission speed is only about half that seen in adults. By age five, most people have attained the adult velocity. A gradual decline in conduction velocity begins as people reach their 20s, and continues for the remainder of life. Another factor that influences conduction velocity is the length of the nerve itself. An impulse that has to travel a longer distance will take longer. Some nerves are naturally longer than others. Measurement of nerve conduction takes into account the length of the target nerve. Some other factors are: · Initiation of action potential in nerve fibers; · Conduction of impulse; · Release of acetylcholine from the nerve terminals; · Binding of acetylcholine to receptors of the motor end plate; · Depolarization of the end plate; · Initiation of action potential in muscle fibers; · Muscle contraction.

Why is stimulus plan called stimulus?

The stimulus plan is called stimulus because it is introduced to fix the economy from going down hill. The main purpose is to create more jobs and prevent different sectors from collapsing or filing for bankruptcy. Stimulus plan aims to help people and hence country out of recession.

What is stimulus nutrients?

stimulus nutrients are nutrients that make your heart pump faster and makes you hyper. an example would be like soda or energy drinks

What is a stimulus and what is a reaction?

Stimulus - something external that influences an activity Reaction - an action that is caused by a stimulus.

What is a stimulus variable?

A stimulus variable is any conditions or manipulation by the experiments of the environment that evokes a response in an organization. A response variable is any kind of behaviour of the organism.

Examples of a stimulus?

It can make you: hungry, cough, sneeze and anything that cause you to feel emotcian in otherwords feelings. :) :( :o :D :P

What is a stimulus give an example of an external stimulus and an internal stimulus?

A stimulus is something that triggers a response. An example of external stimulus is a ball hitting your face. The ball triggers a response in your body, causing you to react. An example of internal stimulus is hormone. Hormones such as testosterone triggers a response in various parts of your body internally. External: When pea plants feel a solid object, they twist and bend to support themselves around it. Easier way of saying: thirst and hunger are internal and something hitting you is external.

What is the function of stimulus?

it is an involuntary nervous action which brings awareness to carry out action to meet the body requirement

What are stimulus motives?

· · Stimulus Motives are unlearned motives that depend on external stimuli rather than on internal physiological states.

If a second stimulus arrives before the relaxation phase has ended a second more powerful contraction occurs this is called what?

In fact it is not treppe it is wave summation. 4th year bio med! I KNOW MY STUFF!! .

What is a stimulus error?

This is a term used in psychology. Stimulus error is when an observer causes a difference in the behavior of the observed. The presence of the observer changes the environment of the observed, which changes their behavior.

What is the stimulus for renin?

Renin can be upregulated in two ways: Macula densa cells in the early distal tubule of the nephron communicates with the juxtaglomerular cells of the afferent arteriole in the kidney. When the macula densa cells detect low levels of sodium, it will communicate that to the juxtaglomerular cells and in turn that will stimulate the production of renin. This is the glomerular tubular feedback system. The second way it can be stimulated is by the somatic nervous system directly. When the baroreceptors detect a drop in pressure they will stimulate your SNS and inhibit your PNS. This has several cardiovascular effects in addition to stimulating renal nerves that will upregulate more renin from the juxtaglomerular cells.

What is a Stimulus for Drama?

For drama we have to write a brief scenario based on a stimulus . The stimulus is the following: ' Then...that come it may, As come it will for a ' that; That sense and worth, o...39;that. ' Any ideas on what scenario i could write based...

What is a decreased sensitivity that occurs when a stimulus is continuously applied to sensory receptors called?

It all depends on the sensory receptors affected by continuous stimulus applied. It can cause complete damage to the receptors and or prevent them from receiving the correct signals.

What is the stimulus for sound?

If understand your question correctly i think its just sound waves creating pressure in the air which vibrate the tiny bones in your inner ear which eventually reach the organ of corti where the vibrations are translated into sound.

Is hearing a stimulus?

no hearing is not an example of stimulus Hearing is the process of perceiving a stimulus, not the stimulus itself. All the others are things which can stimulate a sensory organ. Hearing cannot stimulate a sensory organ. You can hear a sound, but you cannot hear "hearing" You can sense pressure e.g. on your skin with pressure receptors, you can analyze chemicals by tasting or smelling them, your inner ear perceives changes in body position and temperature receptors can perceive changes in temperature.

What is stimulus spending?

buying from companys so the companys are worth more money, so people invest into these companys so the companys can grow.

What is the stimulus of urination?

When the volume of urine reaches approximately 300 mL in adult,stretch receptors in the bladder wall transmit impulses to the central nervous system.That indidual then has a conscious desire to micturate. the afferent impulses enter the second,third,and fourth sacral segments of the spinal cord.Efferent impulses leave the cord from the same segments and pass via the parasympathetic preganglionic nerve fibers in the hypogastric plexuses to the bladder wall,where they synapse with postganglionic neurons.

Is the decrease in response to a stimulus that occurs after repeated presentations of the same stimulus?

Habituation - Chapter 9 - development from the Robert Feldman Textbook entitled Essentials of Understanding Psychology

What is a reaction of a stimulus?

The reaction to a stimulus is called a response. An intensifiedstimulus usually evokes a more intense response. Of course the typeof response to a stimulus depends on the nature of the stimulus.Scream at someone and they likely will feel verbally attacked. Thescreaming is the stimulus, feeling attacked is the response.

What at is a nerve stimulus?

Changes or events occurring outside the body are 'stimuli'; the cells that monitor them are known as 'receptors'..

What events occur in a neuron between the stimulus of a nerve and the stimulation of its target cell?

When a nerve is stimulated, its cell membrane is depolarised so that the inside of the cell becomes less negative. The potential is conducted along the axon to the axon terminal. At the dendrite it stimulates the release of a chemical transmitter, which diffuses across a synapse. The transmitter binds to receptor sites on the postsynaptic cell membrane to stimulate the generation of another impulse.

Why muscle contraction doest not occur below threshold stimulus?

The principle that governs this is called the All-or-none Law. The best way to explain how it works may be best illustrated by ananalogy. Are you familiar with how a spark of electricity can jumpa gap? Or how lighting seems to come down as a huge flash? Both ofthese are acting very much like what a muscle cell must do tocontract. The impulse that triggers either of these is electrical,and so it needs so have a certain amount of charge to be strongenough to jump either the gap between two wires or between theclouds and the ground and crash down as lighting. Just like youcan't have just a little bit of lightening, a muscle cannot do justa little bit of contracting, it has to do it all or do none at all.So it waits until the current is strong enough to run the length ofits sarcomeres in the myofibrils that make up the muscle cell andit gives it all its got. The reason this may seem counterintuitive is that we rarely everexperience just one single muscle cell contract because theyusually act in a group called a motor unit. You can think of amotor unit as a taxi cab service, and when it goes out to do itsjob it sends all of its taxis (muscle fibers in its company) to doall the work they can. The way you contract a muscle made of manymotor units that are made of many individual cells is that thecentral nervous system select how many motor units (taxi companies)it calls into action. To us it feels like we are using differentamounts of effort, but we are just selecting how many companies oftaxi cabs (motor units) to call into action. To the taxi cars,themselves, they are all driving around at their highest capacity,just like the all-or-none law says they should.

What is the response to the conditioned stimulus that occurs after the pairing of a conditioned stimulus and an unconditioned stimulus?

You will get a conditioned response. Since i know that this topic can be complicated i'll try and make it a little easier to understand. An unconditioned stimulus is one that occurs naturally without any kind of training. As an example, look at the innate fears that we have due to evolution. Certain animals, bitter tastes elicit a response (such as running away or spitting out the bitter food). This is the unconditioned response. Another example is the eye blink response. When a puff of air hits your eye, you automatically blink. Now say for example when the puff of air hits your eye, a bell rings (a conditioned stimulus) and you blink. After this connection between the puff of air, the bell and eye blink has been learned, the bell ringing itself will cause you to blink in absence of the air puff. This is the conditioned response as naturally, hearing a bell ring, does not make you blink.

What is stimulus with examples?

A stimulus is a DETECTECTABLE change in the environment. e.g. light is a stimulus to an animal or plant if it can detect the light with a sensing eye or chemical

Does Metabolism occur when the response serves to counteract the stimulus?

No, "metabolism" is the process of breaking down (food) sugars to power an animal for movement or for the synthesis of new organic chemicals needed by an organism to live and grow.

What is the stimulus of sound?

The stimulus of sound is vibration. The human ear is able to hearwaves of vibration traveling through an elastic solid, or a liquidor a gas with frequencies ranging about 20 to 20,000 hertz. A herzis a unit of frequency equal to one complete wave cycle per second.

What is caused by a stimulus?

Anything that sends a signal to the sensory neurons causes theliving things to respond to stimuli.

What is the conditioning stimulus?

We refer to a conditioning stimulus and conditioned response. The conditioning stimulus is feedbackthat creates, enhances or intensifies a reaction, which is theconditioned response. In a famous series of experiments by Dr. IvanPavlov in the late 19th Century, dogs drooled when he gave themfood and rang a bell rung at the same time. After awhile the dogsdrooled at just the sound of the bell. The sound of the bell wasthe conditioning stimulus, and the physiological reaction ofsalivation in the dogs was the conditioned response.

What are to examples of a stimulus?

Some examples of a stimulus is if you burn your hand on a stove, and the response is when you jerk your hand backwards

What is the reaction to a stimulus-?

The reaction to a stimulus is a positive or negative responsedepending on the stimulus. It is a cause-and-effect phenomenon withthe stimulus causing the effect.

What is a stimulus in drama?

Someone help I don't know what a stimulus in drama is it's forhomework help pls