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Alabama is a state located in the southern region of the United States of America. It is bordered by Tennessee to the north, Georgia to the east, Florida and the Gulf of Mexico to the south, and Mississippi to the west.
In the American South between Mississippi and Georgia.
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How did Alabama get its name?

Alabama means "tribal town" in the Creek Indian language and "plantcutters" in Choctaw. The French recorded the Alabama River assomething like "where the Alabamians live". So whatever the correctetymology is the name stuck and Alabama is named for the NativeAmericans that lived there. It comes from (MORE)

What is the population of Alabama?

The U.S. Census Bureau reported thatthe estimated population in Alabama was 4,858,979 as of July 1,2015. Based on population, Alabama is the 24th largest U.S.state.

Can you get an annulment in Alabama?

You can get an annulment in Alabama as long as essential elementsare met. One of these elements must be met to get an annulment:1)physical incapacitation at time of marriage; 2) voluntaryabandonment for one years; 3) imprisonment for two years; 4) drugor alcohol addiction; 5) wife pregnant at time o (MORE)

Who was the QB for Alabama?

The last quarterback for Alabama was John Parker Wilson. The current quarterback for Alabama is Greg McElroy. Before them were many others in the 100+ years of Alabama football.

Why is Alabama called Alabama?

The word Alabama is believed to have originated from th e Choctaw language, and was later adopted by the Alabama tribe as their name. The tribe was a Muskogean speaking tribe.

What is Alabama?

Alabama is: - a US state - a river - a university - a group (tribe) of native Americans - a town in NY State - a military district in Louisiana - a confederate cruiser, the CSS Alabama - a US Navy ship, the USS Alabama - a genus of moths - a book - a Beanie Baby teddy bear - (MORE)

What is the Alabama?

The Alabama is a battleship that is docked in Mobile Bay, Alabama. It was commissioned and served in World War II, with battles off the coast of England and Norway. It's most active service was in the Pacific theater, with battles in the Mariannas and Guam. It earned the name "the lucky A" because i (MORE)

What is the area of Alabama?

Alabama has total area of 52,420 square miles. That includes landarea of 50,645 square miles and water area of 1775 square miles.

Why was Alabama named Alabama?

The state of Alabama was named after the Alabama river. . The Alabama River was named by early European explorers after the Indian tribe that lived in the territory and first appeared in 1540 spelled as "Alibamu", "Alibamo" and even "Limamu" in the journals of the Spanish explorer Hernando DeSoto (MORE)

What is a What are fact of Alabama?

Auburn and University of Alabama aremajor universities in Alabama. Montgomery is the capital city inAlabama. Birmingham is the largest city in Alabama. Northernflicker is the state bird in Alabama. Alabama is #30 among U.S.states based on total area and #24 based on population. Alabama'shighest poin (MORE)

Who is the governor of Alabama?

The current governor of Alabama is Robert J. Bentley (R) . Bentley assumed office as the 53rd Governor of Alabama on January 17, 2011. His term runs to the first Monday after the second Tuesday in 2015 (January 19, 2015).

Where is Alabama at?

Alabama is a state in the United States of America. It is a southern state that borders Georgia, Mississippi, Tennesse, and Florida. It also borders the Gulf of Mexico.

What is the climate in Alabama?

lower coastal plain, largely subtropical and strongly influenced by the Gulf of Mexico; the northern plateau the weather in alabma is 112f and the loest is -27 Hot most of the year, we have two seasons; summer and not summer. The humidity stays high throughout the year.

What is Alabama senators?

Alabama's U.S. Senators are Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions.Richard Shelby has served in the U.S. Senate since January 3, 1987.Jeff Sessions has served in the U.S. Senate since January 3, 1997.

What is the goods in Alabama?

Well entertainment wise there are a couple of things I will list all that I can think of: Hunstville AL, The space and rocket center Huntsville AL, The VBC, Vaun Bran Center Huntsville AL, big spring jam during September* Montgomery AL, States capital * The big spring jam is a event where the leade (MORE)

Is Alabama in the southeast?

Yes it is in the southeast. It is next to Georgia and above Florida. Lots of open country and the climate is great.

Where is Kinston Alabama?

Kinston, Alabama is west of Dothan and south og Enterprise...... we have a little school here called Kinston High School.... we have an amazing softball and volleyball program. it is in the very east corner of Coffee County in Alabama..... Southeast Alabama Speedway is right outside of Kinston and O (MORE)

Who is the group Alabama?

Alabama is a very popular country music band. They have beenperforming since 1977. They have been name Vocal Group of the Yearnumerous times by both the Country Music Association and theAcademy of Country Music.

What rhymes with Alabama?

Obama clamor clamour crammer enamor enamour flimflammer gamma gammer generative/transformational/ grammar glamor glamour hammer jackhammer sledgehammer jammer mamma programmer rammer stammer (the) slammer yammer triphammer windjammer yellowhammer consider near rhyme (spoken ) "An-ah" e.g. Anna (MORE)

What are the mountains in Alabama?

The mountains in northern Alabama are the lower range of the Appalachian Mountains, and include Mount Cheaha, the highest point in the state. Its elevation is 2,407 feet (734 m).

Who is the president of Alabama?

The US President is the president of the citizens of all the states if the question is about the University of Alabama that would be Dr. Robert E. Witt.. If you meant the governor of Alabama, that would be Bob Riley.

Does Alabama get storms?

the answer for that is a yes because if it did not rain the place would of vanished many years ago

What can you do in Alabama?

There are various kinds of attractions in Alabama lot ofhistoric places, Adventure places and venues to enjoy nightlife.There are lots of places for for family fun activities.

What about in Alabama?

There are lots of things in Alabama. Humans, animals, drinks, food, land, homes, cars, businesses, bars, etc.

What is there to do in Alabama?

There are lots of things to do in Alabama like various adventureactivities near the river region like kayak rental, rafting andmuch more. Then you can play various kinds of sports and can alsoparticipate in sports like baseball, golf. You can go to visitvarious places and different kinds of attracti (MORE)

Do Alabama have casinos?

Gambling is illegle in this state. However, one band of native americans have a small casino near Greenville.

Where are crocodiles in Alabama?

There are no crocodiles in Alabama or anywhere else in the UnitedStates. There is a species of American crocodile, but they are inCentral and South America. There are alligators in the United States, but that is a differentanimal, although very similar in appearance.

What is interesting in Alabama?

i would say really,....nothing if you were looking for a place to go oun a vacaction i would say New York at the climing tree hotel not that my dad works there or anything

When was the uss Alabama sailed to Alabama?

The USS ALABAMA was not sailed to Alabama, but it was towed by two ocean-going tugboats from Bremerton, Washington to Mobile, Alabama from July 7, 1964 arriving in Mobile on September 14, 1964.

What celebrities are from Alabama?

Debby Ryan , Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Kate Jackson, Harper Lee, Emmylou Harris. Bobby Goldboro, Jim Nabors, Carl Lewis, Heather Whitestone, Charles Barkley, Jimmy Buffett, Corteney Cox , Fannie Flagg, Mia Hamm, Willie McCovey, Lionel Ritchie, Wayne Rogers, Ozzie Smith and Tammy Wynette are some peo (MORE)

Is California in Alabama?

California is a state located on the West Coast of the United States and Alabama is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States.

How are the beaches in Alabama?

Alabama beaches is very beautiful and romantic. It's a so clean andfresh. There are so many attractive thing are also available. Thisplace is best for enjoy your holiday.

Is Pennsylvania in Alabama?

In addition to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (a US State), there is indeed a town called Pennsylvania in Alabama. It sits between the towns of Satsuma and Creola on I-65, northeast of Mobile, Alabama.

Is Alabama in Pennsylvania?

Now don't bug me! I'm a unicorn. If you want info, you have to go through me first! And you do not know where I live!

What are the climates in Alabama?

Only one, Humid Subtropical. Temperatures usually are around 64 degrees, but farther south, average temperatures are warmer. In Huntsville, The average temperature for the year is 60.5 degrees. In Birmingham, the average temperature is 62.1 degrees. In Montgomery, the average temperature is 65.1 de (MORE)

How did Alabama get its nickname from?

Alabama gets its name from the Native Americans that lived there. Tribal town is what Alabama means in the Creek Indian Language. The Native Americans that lived there are also referred to as Alabamans.

Where is Alabama A?

Good Post..Alabama is Located in the USA.I love to visit atAlabama.Montgomery Alabama is more popular and place in US.Thereare lot of natural places which are main attraction point to thetourist.