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Chicago, Illinois is located just west of the southern tip of Lake Michigan. Also, it is located on the northeastern border of Illinois and the northwestern corner of Indiana.
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Where is Chicago located in America?

The absolute location of Chicago is 41.8819-degrees N and87.6278-degrees W. Chicago is in the state of Illinois, in Cook andDuPage counties. Chicago is the third most populate

What to do in Chicago?

Go to the Navy Pier. Or ifyour there during the summertime go to the Taste of Chicago. MILLENIUM PARK! There's also a lot of nice restuaunts. I know a Latin resturaunt called

Where is Chicago in the US?

It's located in northeastern Illinois, which is near the central part of the the country. It is on the southwest shore of Lake Michigan.

Where is Chicago Illinois located?

The city of Chicago is located along the southern shores of Lake Michigan, in the northwestern part of Illinois.\n. \nI believe that's the Northeastern part of Illinois.\n.

What can you do in Chicago?

Visit the Willis (formerly the Sears) tower, or the John Hancock building. Go to Milenium Park. Shop at one of the many many wonderful places to shop. Go to a sporting event s

Where is Chicago Metropolitan Mutual Assurance company?

Started in 1925 as Metropolital Funeral System Assn, name changedto Metropolitan Mutual Assurance Company of Chicago in 1946.Renamed Chicago Metropolitan Mutual after 1952. It
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What to do Chicago?

Here are some things to do in Chicago . Go to water tower place and Michigan Ave. . Go to Navy Pier . Go to the sears tower . Go to a play (Wicked, Mary Poppins, etc.) .
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Where is Chicago Michigan?

The city of Chicago is located on the southwest shore of LakeMichigan, but there is no city of Chicago in the state of Michigan.
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Where is Chicago O Hare airport?

Chicago O'Hare Airport is about twenty miles outside Chicago itself. It is a busy airport and is the second busiest in the US and the fourth busiest in the world.
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What is Chicago?

Chicago is a very large industrial city in Illinois.