Where is Cyprus and corsica?

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In Cyprus
in the European/Mediterranean region

Corsica is west of Italy and Cyprus is south of Turkey - Both in the Mediterranean Sea.
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Where is Cyprus?

Cyprus is in the Mediterranean Sea. South east of Greece, South of Turkey. Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots live separately after the Turkish invasion in 1974. Turkish Cypriots live in the North while Greek Cypriots live in the South. The Greek Cypriots joined EU as the Republic of Cyprus in 2004 (MORE)

How old is Cyprus?

Short answer: It is believed the first human activity was around the 10thmillennium BC. It was settled by the Greeks in the 3rd millennium BC. It became an independent country in 1960 AD. More Detail: The history of Cyprus is one of the oldestrecorded in the world. From the earliest times Cyprus (MORE)

Where is Corsica?

\n. \nFrance\n. \n Answer \n. \nCorsica is an island in the Mediterranean Sea just north of Sardinia.

Is there scorpions in Cyprus?

yes there are scorpions in cyprus. i found one in the sink this morning and last week found one on the patio. i live in marathounda village, paphos. can anyone tell me if they are harmful. they are white and grey transluscent in colour and about 2 - 3 inches long.

Who was a patriot of Corsica?

In 1755 the Corsican patriot Pascal Paoli was proclaimed General of the Corsican Nation. Before being forced out by the French in 1769, Paoli founded a university, and introduced a democratic constitution, with all men over 25 eligible to vote.

What is the cuisine of Cyprus?

The traditional diet of Cyprus is the mediterranian diet, with fresh fish and vegetables cooked with olive oil. There are some specialities of the island; halloumi cheese originates from Cyprus and is often served as a starter or fried for breakfast.. Because Cyprus is close to Turkey and North Afr (MORE)

Is there sharks in Cyprus?

I live in Cyprus, and yes there are sharks in Cyprus. Not a common sight but they do exist, they're usually past the breakwaters, rarely reaching shore. In the 20 years that I have been here, there were only two cases of sharks reaching shore. Both were labeled as 'friendly sharks' where they w (MORE)

What is Cyprus famous for?

Cyprus, the third-largest island in the Mediterranean, is famous for its ancient sites including the village of Khirokitia (a United Nations World Heritage site) and the Tombs of the Kings.

What can you do in Cyprus?

Cyprus is famous for its beautiful beaches. why not relax on the beach? there are many historical archaeological sites too. If in the Paphos area, why not to tomb of the kings? A traditional meze is always good too. If in Paphos, head down towards coral bay, a touristy area with shops and restaurant (MORE)

What is Cyprus known for?

In a touristy sense, Cyprus is know for its beaches and resorts aswell as many other holiday resorts in the Mediterranean, howeverCyprus is also rich in culture. Cyprus is famed for being the birthplace of Aphrodite, as well as having many Greek OrthodoxMonasteries up in the mountains (the most famo (MORE)

How hot is it in Cyprus?

depending on the season, it could go to a 43-45 C maximum on summer with a basic temperature ranging around 40 . usually spring has degrees of 25-32 and Autumn 15-24.

What was HMS Cyprus?

She was a 'Q-ship' - Nine Q-Ships were commissioned by the Royal Navy in September and October 1939 for work in the North Atlantic one of them was 4398-ton HMS Cyprus (X44) ex-Cape Sable built 1936.

Is Cyprus in Eurasia?

southern Cyprus ıs ın Europe and northern Cyprus ıs ın asıa ıf see any part of ın eurasıa ın thıs pıece of wrıtıng then get back through ınternet ahat

Is Cyprus in Asia?

Actually Cyprus is a member of the EU, but, it is located to the cross of 3 continents (Europe, Asia, Africa). It is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean, south of Turkey and west of Syria and Lebanon. Actually it is only in Asian continent

What does Cyprus mean?

There are several definitions for how Cyprus got the name, however, a popular one is that the island had a lot of copper sources in the early years, and by the name cuprum, which means copper in Latin, the name was given.

Who found Cyprus?

Cyprus has been inhabited since pre-historic times (remains have been found that date back 12,000 years) - who first landed on the island isn't recorded. and some people say it was the Greeks

What are the temperatures in Cyprus?

Cyprus is blessed with sunny weather for at least 320 days of the year. Spring time which is Mar - May the temperature is between 19c - 24c Summer time June - August is hot, between 26c - 40c Autumn time September - November between 23c - 28c Winter time December - February 8c - 18c These are approx (MORE)

Where is the corsica?

The island of Corsica is located in the Mediterranean Sea. Thecoordinates are 42 degrees 9' N, 9 degrees 5' E. It is situatedsoutheast of the mainland of France and west of Italy.

What animals are in Cyprus?

Six different snakes, although the most common is the black whipsnake, which is harmless. The moufflon, which is a very large sheep, although looks very much like a goat. They are wild, thouh harmless, and more frightened of you than you are of them. Two eagles Two vultures And lots, lots m (MORE)

What animals do they have in Cyprus?

Six different pecies of snakes, although the most common is the black whipsnake, which is harmless. The moufflon, which is a very large sheep, although looks very much like a goat. They are wild, thouh harmless, and more frightened of you than you are of them. Two species of eagles. Two species of v (MORE)

Is Cyprus Europe?

The Republic of Cyprus has been a member of the EU since 2006; however, the breakaway Northern Turkish section is not recognised by any nation other than Turkey itself, so is not a part of the European Union.

Is Cyprus a country?

Yes, although there is a little complication as the northern part of Cyprus is occupied by Turkey and is the self-declared Turkish Republic of Cyprus.

How hot is Cyprus?

Cyprus is hot - although politically in Europe, for climatic purposes it is in the middle-East. The summer (July/August) temperatures reach 40 o C. The record is 44.4 o C which is hot. Bear in mind that these are shade temperatures and the coastal cities become very humid in the summer, making it fe (MORE)

Where in France is Corsica?

Corsica is a large island in the mediterranean sea, south of the French-italian border. A beautiful place

What are facts about Cyprus?

Some unusual things about Cyprus: . Aphroditi is said to have been born there. . It has a map of the country on its flag. . It has a divided capital (Nicosia). . It uses the sames mains electrical sockets as the UK. . Cars drive on the left. . Car registration plates don't use the Greek alph (MORE)

Is Corsica a country?

Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is located west of Italy. At one point it was Italian under the state of Genoa. When the Corsicans attempted to rebel in the late 1700s, Genoa secretly sold it to France. It did manage to declare independence and itself a Republic, only to lose that (MORE)

Where is Ajaccio Corsica?

Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean. It is north of Sardinia. Ajaccio is the capital, on the Eastern side of the Island.

Who is the king of Cyprus?

Cyprus doesn't have a king, it is a republic and has a president - the current president is Dimitris Christofias.

What is the curency in cyprus?

Cyprus is now in the Euro zone, and uses the Euro which it adopted in about 2007. Before that, it's currency was the Cyprus Pound and the Cyprus Cent.

Situation in Cyprus?

Long story short Cyprus wanted Enosis (annexation) with Greece and Turkey illegally invaded Cyprus supposedely wanting to "protect" the Turkish Cypriots. The island split up and till this day Turks remain in the North side (which nobody in the world recongnises except Turkey) despite the protests f (MORE)

What is a Cyprus?

An Island republic in the eastern mediterean. Comprsing mostly of Greek-Cypriots. The Southern part is the Republic of Cyprus and is Greek, the Northern part is occupied illegally by Turkish troops. Cyprus was inhabited by Turkish-Cypriots and Greek-Cypriots, who lived under one Republic. In 1974 th (MORE)

Why is Cyprus called Cyprus?

There are various explanations for that, but, the more possible one is that it took the name out of Kuprum, which meant Copper in the ancient era of Cyprus. And as the island was popular for the wealth amounts of Copper (which keeps until today), they used to call it the copper land, otherwise Kupru (MORE)

Is Cyprus a capital?

No. There is no city called "Cyprus" that is a capital city.However, the country of Cyprus has a capital: Nicosia.

Does Cyprus have tornadoes?

Oh yeah. They have had an outbreak in 2004 with around seven tornadoes. They have also had EF2 tornadoes in Limassol and many other areas.

How do you get to Cyprus?

Cyprus is an island nation, so cannot be reached overland. It is reached by air from a number of locations around the world, or by ferry from the Greek port of Thessaloniki.

What is Cyprus the capital of?

Cyprus is not the capital of anywhere, it's a nation in it's ownright! It is an independent island Republic situated in the EasternMediterranean, on the edge of the Middle East, but is dividedacross North and South between the Greek sector in the South, andthe Turkish sector in the North. This is a (MORE)

What country is Cyprus in?

Cyprus itself IS a country. An island in the Mediterranean Sea However, if you really must know, it's below Turkey, west of Syria. The capital is Nicosia.

What country in Cyprus in?

Cyprus is not part of any other nation, it is an independent country in it's own right. However, it is a divided nation following the Turkish invasion of 1974, with the Northern half of the island being under Turkish control and the South being mainly Greek. The two sides are seperated by a UN-contr (MORE)

Are there tarantulas in Cyprus?

Tarantulas can be found in Cyprus, they are not however commonly found there and Tarantulas are timid and will not usually show themselves, i held a tarantula in my hand when i was 5 and i assure they are much more unlikely to show themselves

Where is Cyprus in Asia?

its a city/state in the Mediterranean sea near Turkey. half the island is under Turkish control the other half Greece , however the Greek half has a governor of its own and a bishop of the Greek orthodox church .

What is there to see and do in Cyprus?

Cyprus has a range of activities; it has a hot, dry summer so many people go to the beach. It also has high mountains and in the winter, there are winter sports - for a few weeks, it's possible to go skiing in the morning and lie on the beach in the afternoon. There are several theatres on the islan (MORE)

Where to buynepresso in Cyprus?

Most cafe's, restaurants and bars in the South of the island serve Espresso coffee- in the North, you'd only be likely to get one in the main cities such as Famagusta, North Nicosia, and the town of Kyrenia, since catering establishments there tend to be more basic outside of urban areas.

Is Cyprus in jersey?

No. Cyprus is in the Mediterranean Sea, thousands of kilometers tothe southeast of Jersey Island, UK.

What ocean is corsica in?

Corsica is not in any ocean. It is in the Mediterranean sea in the northern part of the branch known as the Tyrrhenian sea.