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Russia is the northernmost country of Eurasia (Asia and eastern Europe). Russia is in two continents and is the largest single country in the world.

The Ural Mountains are the border between Asia and Europe. Russia (formerly the USSR) is on the continent of Asia/Europe in the Northern hemisphere and comprises an area of 17,075,200 square kilometers (6,591,100 square miles). It is considered a European country because of its culture. Russia was the primary republic of the Soviet Union, a confederation that included Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and several other countries which were called Soviet Socialist Republics.
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Where is Russia situated?

Roughly the northern part of Asia and the western third of Europe. In terms of relativity it is generally west of eurpoean coutries, nothern of most Asia countries, and ove

Where is Russia located?

Russia is located on the Eurasian continent. The western part is inEurope and the rest is in Asia. Eurasia.

Where is Russia in relation to Canada?

Russia is on another continent than canada. Russia on Asia, and Canada on North America. They did, however, used to be connected by the Beringa land bridge during the last ice

Where is Russia found?

on any current world map. on older ones it may be shown as the ussr, cccp or udssr
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Where is Russia border Iran?

Russia does not border Iran. The Soviet Union did border Iran, through what are now the countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan.
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How do you get to Russia?

There are many ways to get to Russia. Could you clarify your question. It can be by invitation, on a visa, etc.