Where is Scandinavia?

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As an ethinic and linguistic group Sweden, Norway, Demark, Iceland, and the Faeroe Islands are all Scandinavia. Culturally and geographically Finland is often included in that group as well
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Why is Scandinavia called Scandinavia?

The origin of the word is not entirely clear but people generally favor the idea that it means the island of darkness or fog island. Reasoning: The Norwegian word skodde means

Where is Scandinavia located?

Look in the top middle of Europe. A little more to the right actually but Denmark is also part of Scandinavia so yeah north middle... :D

Is Scandinavia a country?

No. Not currently, but a union existed from 1397-1523 named the Kalmar Union . It united the three kingdoms of Denmark, Sweden and Norway under a single monarch. (Norway inc

Who are the scandinavias?

Genetically the main group is Germanic (like e.g. in Germany and the Netherlands), but already 1.000 years ago groups of Slavonic people also settled in parts of Denmark and S

Where is Scandinavia in relation to the british isles?

If you look at the map below, you will see where they are. Scandinavia is the 3 large blue countries, which are Norway, Sweden and Finland and also Denmark, which is just belo

Where is Scandinavia on a map?

Scandinavia covers, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Scandinavia is to the east of England, across the north sea.

What are the capitals of Scandinavia?

Here is a list of the 3 Scandinavian capitals: Sweden = Stockholm Population: 2 million Norway = Oslo Population: 1.3 million Denmark = Copenhagen Population: 1.7 millio

Where is Scandinavia Eastern Europe Europe and Western?

Technically it is really in northern Europe, in terms of geography.Politically it would be regarded as western Europe. Technically it is really in northern Europe, in terms o