Where is Somalia in Africa?

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Somalia is at the boarder of Africa. It's seaboard stretches 3,025killometers so Somalia has the total area of 637,657 square kilometers (3,980 square miles of water). Somalia extends about 2,366 kilometers (1,470 miles) that is shared with Djibouti, 682 kilometers (424 miles) with Kenya, and 1,626 kilometers (1,010 miles) with Ethiopia.
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Country in Africa that borders Somalia?

What country in Africa borders Somalia that starts with the letter D Djibouti is the answer!! djibouti There are three African countries that border Somalia. Thosecountrie
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Is Somalia on the western coast of Africa?

No , Somalia is not on the west coast of Africa. Specifically, Somalia is a country which is located on the northeast coast. It has a coastline on the northwestern Indian O