Where is engine oil filter on 2008 Toyota Land cruiser engine type 1VD-FTV?

It's a cartridge type located right above the sump drain plug and the back of the engine.
There is a large, round funny-looking cover (about 70mm in diameter) which unscrews, and the cartridge comes out with the cover.
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Where is the location of the oil filter on 2001 Toyota Land Cruiser?

There is a steel brush-guard at the underside of the front of the vehicle, and on that, just to the left-of-center (towards the driver's-side) there is an oval-shaped steel ha (MORE)

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I found the best suited oil for the 3.0L TD 1KD is castrol RX super, this oil environments the manafactures specs. RX super is 15W 40, and would not be suitable for environmen (MORE)

What type of oil does a 1988 Toyota 22R engine use?

10w30 actually these engines do much better on a full synthetic 5w30. depending on the mileage you want to run thicker oil to take up the worn 'play' in the motor, especiall (MORE)

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