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Where is the best place to study as a Sound Engineer?

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What is The best field to study in engineering?

Any engineering field that interests you. There are all kinds (structural, computer, electrical, mechanical, metallurgical, chemical engineering etc. ad nauseam).

Best places to study abroad?

Need to qualify at least: a. Study - subjects and level - broadly: science and technology, arts/humanities, law, management, education; school, undergraduate, postgraduate. b.

What is the best place to study electrical engineering in the world?

I have to answer with an opinion. I would answer with Texas A&M or UTD, both in Texas in the United States, but your very question itself could bring a global debate. I

Which place is the best place to study why?

Finding a place to study depends on what kind of learner you are. If you have a photographic memory, you're a visual learner. If you can hear something and learn it, you're an

What subjects are required to study sound engineering?

If you want to become a sound engineer, you most likely will have to take a full program of several different, but related, courses. For example, at Video Symphony TV and Film
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Why is Italy best place to study?

Because,Italy has great landmarks such as The Leaning Tower of Pisa,Patheon,The Colossuem and much much more. Prego Amico (Your Welcome Friend)
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Where is the best place for studying?

The best place to study can be either a quiet place in your house where you wont be bothered. Or maybe outside in a field, under a tree. But if you don't have quiet place in y

How can you get the best sound from your engine?

That is a personal choice only you would have to make. What would be music to your ears could be just a noise to others. There are companies out there that specialize in exhau
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Where is the best place in the world to study petrochemical engineering?

There is no "best place" for studying this type of engineering. However, the graduate schools of such universities as: * Georgia Tech * University of Texas at Austin *

Where are the best places to study in Australia?

There are many great places to study in the country of Australia. The National Library of Australia would be a beautiful place to study. One could also find a gorgeous place o