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Where is the darkest place on earth?

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Not "Lake Vostok, Antarctica" cos that's under 4 km of ice. You might as well say "the middle of the Earth", or "in the upper atmostphere". A more sensible answer would be somewhere on the arctic or antarctic ice sheets as far away from the few populations that there are. Given that said populations would be so far over the horizon anyway you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.
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What is the darkest place in the world?

Your answer depends on your definition of 'dark'.   Antarctica is the darkest continent, but you can walk about there  by starlight and moonlight -- when there is no sun

Where is the darkest place in South Dakota?

The darkest place in South Dakota would be deep underground in Wind Cave. At one point in the tour of Wind Cave, at Wind Cave National Park, the tour guide turns off the light

Darkest place in the solar system?

There really isn't such a thing. 3 miles underground on Earth or Mars, for example, would be the same level of darkness: total.

What part of earth is darkest at its solstice?

One of the poles. If it is the June solstice, then it is the South Pole with 24 hours of darkness and the North Pole with 24 hours of daylight, while it is the opposite in the