Where is the fuse box for the reverse lights?

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We just purchased a 1998 Tracer and the fuse boxes are under the hood on the driverside and under the dash on the driverside. Hope that helps. Answer The Owners Manual will have details on the fuses - since you just bought the vehicle, you may need to download a free version of the manual (save $$ from having to buy one!).

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Where is the fuse box for the reverse lights on a 1999 Ford Contour?


How do you fix the reverse lights on a 1999 Hyundai Accent when all other lights and fuses work but when you shift it in reverse you get no reverse lights?

The problem is the reverse light switch. It is located on the top of the transmission that should sloved your problem.

What fuse controls the brake lights if it is not listed on either of the fuse box covers?

Answer . \nOn the fuse box under the hood it shows STOP and HORN that should be for the brake lights

Where can you locate fuse box regarding head lights?

Answer . The fuse box is inside on the driver side next to the gas peddle. There is also 2 high beam fuses under the hood on the left side of the engine you may want to check these also.

Peugeot 106 reversing lights not working replace fuse and switch in gear box still not working?

Answer . have you tried replacing the bulb. If its an auto,when replacing the switch on the g/box you have to rotate switch to a certain position.This may be only a few millimetres left or right.Try that

Where would you find the fuse box in a 1999 Hyundai excel cause currently have no reverse lights?

Answer . \nHi I have an older EXCEL. My relay under the dash (STEERING WHEEL)was bad..it controls the rear lites if the fuse is NOT blown..its a gold color relay..there are 3 on mine..all have the same part number,they r a bit hard to reach, but swap one out..if your relay is bad, the other one with the same part # should work your lites if that relay is bad..the FUSE itself should be on left drivers side floor near clutch pedal..i don't know if your car is the same. Mine is a 1992 EXCEL..good luck

How do you locate the Head light fuses on 2002 elantra you found the fuse box but which fuse?

Answer . \nthere should be a label on the back of the cover that you had to remove to get to the fuses.

Where is the fuse box on a 1997 Toyota Camry for the dash lights?

The fuse box is located under the steering wheel. You have to use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the bottom-most plastic panel - should have three screws, one hidden under the hood latch and one hidden under the panel that goes down the left side to the floor (remove it, too). You really have to tug to get the plastic cover off, but they are down there. There should be a fuse called "Dbd" for dashboard. On the back of the change drawer is a fuse diagram.

Where is the fuse box for the fog lights on a BMW 328I?

Answer . Open the hood, It's on the drivers side near the fire wall. Under the cover is all the fuse locations. Eric j

Where is the fuse box for the brake lights located on a Cadillac Catera?

LOCATED BRAKE LIGHT FUSE BOX FOR CATERA . It has been my personal experience with my own 1997 Cadillac Catera that the "fuse box" for the brake lights is actually the "fuse panel" located beneath an easily removable panel under the steering wheel. Please note: if your brake lights/tail lights are not working and it doesn't appear to be a fuse, there is a switch that might need to be replaced that is located under the fuse panel also and a mechanic could take 5 minutes to look and let you know if this is the case. I paid approximately $40 one year ago for the part and $70 total installed. If you want to do it yourself, it's not hard, I just didn't want to climb under the steering wheel. Also, another tell tale sign that it's the switch (can't remember proper name) going out is that sometimes you have brake/taillights and sometimes not. Good Luck!

Where is the fuse box located and which fuse is it for the rear reverse lights on a 1999 Saturn SC1 3-door coupe?

Answer . There are 2 boxes one is under the hood near the battery and the other one the passenger side console. Check both places the fuses are well labled, otherwise consult your owners manual for help

Where is the fuse box for Chrysler sebring brake lights.?

Most people just check the in cab fuse box. Check the one under the hood, and to find out which one it may be, look up Fuse in the glossary of your owners manual and it will help direct you.

Where is the fuse box for the rear lights on a Dodge Dakota?

It depends on the model year. Some, especially newer models, have fuse boxes under the hood behind the battery. Others have a fuse block under the driver's side of the dash on the left side or on the driver's side on the end of the dashboard between the door and the dash (accessible only with the door open). Some models use a combination of these.

Where is the fuse panel on a 2004 F-150 and what fuse controls the reverse lights?

Answer . According to the owners manual fuse # 10 or 14 controls the reverse lights. Unfortunatel, I am having trouble locating the fuse panel to solve the same problem. If you know where the fuse panel is located let me know.

How do you change the fuse in the 1996 Mercury Sable for the reverse lights?

According to page 112 of the Owners Manual, fuse #6 covers the reverse/backup lights. See "Related Questions" below for more

Where is the brake light fuse box on Mitsubishi lancer?

the fuses which opperate the brake lights are located in the fuse box in the engine compartment. the relays are to the left of the clutch in a white connection cluster.

Where can you find the reverse light fuse on a 1995 golf?

\nPosition 14 if you go from left to right, and wrap, and it should be a 15 amp blue fuse. Check this picture:\nhttp://pics.tdiclub.com/data/500/medium98_Jetta_Fuses.jpg\n. \nand use TDIclub.com as a general reference, even if yours isn't a TDI.

How do I change the reverse light fuse on Megane Mk 11 and where is the fuse box the reverse lights are not working but everything else is.?

It may be the reverse light switch that need replacing, which is on the transmission.

How do you fix the reverse lights on a 1987 Nissan Pathfinder when all the other lights and fuses work but when you shift in reverse you get no reverse lights?

Try bypassing the reverse light switch that plugs into the transmission. If your reverse lights come on, voila! Problem solved. Buy a new switch.

Where is the fuse for the lights in the fuse box in a Renault clio?

The headlight fuse can be found in the first column, second fromthe top. The tail light fuse will be in the first column, fourthfrom the top.

Where is the fuse for reverse light Lincoln?

The fuse is always located on the passenger's side on the door panel. Simply remove the panel and check the status of the fuse.

Where is the fuse box for the dashboard lights in a 1994 Lexus ls400?

It's not usually a fuse that goes out, but the inadequate capacitorthat came with them from the factory. You will need to pull out thedashboard instrument panel and replace C212 with a new 10uf 16Vcapacitor, and C142 with a 4.7uf 25-35V capacitor and C147 with a10uf 50V capacitor. You can get the replacements for $1 at RadioShack. Need to be soldered and the wire leads are tiny. There'sgood info and diagrams on the Clublexus forums. If you're one ofthe many unfortunate people who brought their car to the dealershipand let them replace the whole instrument cluster, complete withnew faulty capacitors, and paid them $1,500 for that or more, thenI'm sorry for you.

Where in fuse box is tail light fuse 1997 Mazda protege?

I think its on the driver side there should be a panel on the right hand side near the excellerator

How do you get to the fuse box for radio lights in 03 Chevy Impala?

check either end of the dash when you open the doors the fuse panel doors are the pull type

Where is fuse box for lights in an Abbey Piper Caravan?

I live across the big pond from where Abbey pipers are but I have found this web site that should help you:. www.abbey-owners-club.co.uk. There should be a lot of people that will be willing to help and share knowledge with you.

Where is the fuse box in a vw polo 2006 for the lights?

on the side of the dashboard drivers side. use a screw driver to lift the plastic cover.

Where is the reverse light fuse on a Ford Focus?

Focus w/automatic transmission: fuse #40 = 10 amp. Focus w/manual transmission: fuse #53 = 10 amp. Fuse panel is located under the dash on the firewall to the left of the steering column.

Where is the fuse box for the rear lights on slk 230?

the fuse box is located under the hood on the driver side next to the firewall; it is about 4inch by 8inch, black in color, just lift up the lid and all the fuses are in there.. You will probably have to refer to the fuse section in your owners manually or else just pull them out one at a time and you can tell if they are shot.

Why would your back up lights not work when you put it in reverse if its not the fuse or light bulbs?

It is on the same circuit as the brake lights, but if they are not working, and the bulbs are good your switch needs cleaning or adjustment. Attempt this first since the switch costs nearly $300 bucks. On the passengers side of the trans just behind the bell housing there is a fan shaped switch, loosen the 12mm bolt ( smaller of the two, and rotate the switch while a friend checks the lights. this problem is usually accompanied by an occasional inability to start the vehicle, but can be cured by jiggling the shifter. While adjusting the switch make sure that the vehicle will start in park as well, remember to block the wheels while testing the back up lights, engine off, key in run but not start, shifter in reverse, move switch until lights come on. Once you find this spot, hold it in place and have your helper check to make sure it will start. This may take several tries to get both working correctly. If you have no luck the switch may be dirty, this happens a lot. Hold the post to the bottom large bolt still while you loosen the nut, then remove it, then remove the 12mm adjusting bolt on top, remove the wire connector and pull the switch away, remove the bolts on the switch and separate the halves, use electrical contact cleaner and maybe some q-tips to clean all the copper connections completely apply di-electric grease and reassemble, refit to the trans and readjust so all functions work, this switch controls back up and start safety. Caution! always hold that bottom bolt while tightening the large nut, this is connected to the gear adjuster and you could damage the internals if it isn't secured while you do it.

1965 Chevy impala ss fuse box what amp is the fuse for the tail lights?

The 1965 Chevrolet Impala SS fuse box requires a 20 amp fuse forthe taillights. A 30 amp fuse can be used when a 20 amp fuse is notavailable.

How do you fix the reverse lights on a 1974 Chevy Corvette when all the other lights anfd fuses work but when you shift in reverse you get no reverse lights?

the reverse light switch is either out of adjustment. or broken. new one should be fairly cheap

Where is the reverse light fuse on a 1998 Dodge Durango?

The fuse is a 15 AMP fuse located in the number 2 spot in the fuse box. If you open the drivers door the fusebox is located on the panel on the left side of the dashboard between the dashboard and the door when the door is closed. The drivers door must be open to see the fusebox.

What fuse does the reverse lights on 98 Ford E350?

Fuse 12 - a 15V. I have a 150 wagon. Couldn't find the listing in the owner's manual, but I have an OEM shop manual and it listed fuse # 12 as the backup lights.

Where is the fuse located for the reversing light on a Peugeot 307?

I think it is fuse No. 1 but it looks like it is connected to a small integrated circuit and be alo operate the speedo. The wiring at the switch can become broken, about 100mm along the harness.

Where is the fuse for the reversing lights on a 406?

under the steering wheel . undo the three half twist black srews and u will see the fuse box

Where is the fuse box for the interior lights on a 2001 Chrysler 300M?

The fuse box containing the interior light fuse for a 2001 300m isunder the dash. It is on the drivers side, at the kick plate.

Fuse box on a 2000 Cadillac Catera for head lights?

the fuse block or box is located under the steering wheel around 20 fuses, next to it you have the relay box compartment for hedlights, I is HIGH BEAM LH , V is HIGH BEAM RH, VIII is LOW BEAM both sides XI is daytime running lights.

Why wont your reverse lights come on with new bulbs and fuses?

you could have possibly bought the wrong bulbs and/or fuses. or when you were replacing them you may have damaged the wires. Also the reverse light switch may be defective.

What causes a fuse to blow for reverse lights on a Mazda truck?

Fuses That "Blow" Repeatedly Without being able to "hands on" troubleshoot the circuit served by the repeatedly blowing fuse, none of us can identify the specific defect which is causing your problem . Therefore, the following generic answer can be applied to any electrical circuit , whether in a vehicle, or in a building, whether direct current [DC], or alternating current [AC]. Fuses [and Circuit Breakers] are safety devices designed and installed in electrical circuits TO PROTECT the conductors [wires] and other components from short circuit conditions and/or overload conditions which cause an extremely large flow of electrical current [measured in Amperes], which causes overheating of the conductors that results in damage to the insulation and the conductors. And in a worst case scenario, the probability of a FIRE which could destroy the vehicle, house, or other structure in which the circuit is located. When a fuse or Circuit Breaker [and replacement fuses, or repeatedly "tripping" Circuit Breakers] "blow," especially if it happens repeatedly, is an indication of an UNSAFE CONDITION in that circuit, usually a short . The fuse or circuit breaker is doing what it was designed, intended, and installed to do, that is to protect the conductors and components of the circuit which it serves. The proper "fix" for this issue is for a qualified technician, who knows what he or she is doing, to troubleshoot the involved circuit, find and identify the defect, and make proper repair [s], BEFORE replacing the fuse again [with the properly sized fuse or before resetting a circuit breaker]. Some ignorant few people will suggest installing a larger fuse or breaker to solve the problem, BUT that will only increase the hazard, not correct it. Do not follow "bad" advice by installing a larger fuse in a misguided attempt to correct the problem. To install an oversized fuse would almost guarantee damage to the wiring and the probability of an electrical system fire.

Where are the fuses for Reverse lights located?

In the fuse box under the dash, sometimes there is an auxiliary fuse box under the hood on the drivers side firewall

Where is the fuse for reverse lights on a 2001 Mitsubishi eclipse?

Side panel on driver's side of instrument panel. To access open driver's door and slide forward panel by pulling on indentation.

Where is the brake light fuse location in the fuse box of the 2004 Hyundia Sonata?

Consult Owner's Manual (best place to start) . The fuses will be marked on the fuse box(es) below the fuses or on the door to the box. If it ends up being the bulb rather than the fuse, see sources and related links below for bulb information.

Where is fuse for brake lights located in fuse box?

Your owner's manual is the best place to locate your fuse box(es) and identify your fuses. Don't rule out that your issue is being caused by a bad bulb too - so check fuses and bulbs. See sources and related links below for bulb information.

Where is fog light fuse box vauxhall vectra?

if its a vectra b (95 -01) then its under the steering wheel there is a recess you put your hand in and pull it. on the cover you pulled off its stamped on there?

What fuse to check for reversing light on a Holden combo?

The manual is wrong. I lost my cigarette lighter. The manual said it was fuse 23 but there is no fuse there. The reversing lights and cigarette lighter are both on fuse 26. Mine is a 2007 model.The manual was never updated,but the looms were.

Reverse light fuse keeps blowing out?

Short to ground or overload in the circuit. Short to ground or overload in the circuit.

Where is the fuse located on a 2000 Cadillac sts for the reverse lights?

It's located in the rear fuse box (under the rear seat cushion next to the battery). Just pull up the rear seat cushion, locate NSBU (10 amp fuse).

Where is the fuse for reverse light as your light is not working when you put it in reverse?

Hi, reverse light not working on suzuki swift 96, some time it doessome time nothing, i have checked the fuse they all ok, so i amwondering if there is another fuse box between the main fuses boxand the relay. regards

What fuse is the backup light in the fuse box for a 2003 jeep wrangler?

It is tied into the parking lights, so they would all be out. It is more likely that your neutral switch needs to be adjusted, Ibet you are having issues getting the starter to engage too, if notyou will soon. Access the passengers side of the transmission and look for ametal, fan shaped unit with a big nut on the side, and wires comingout of it. Aside from the big nut there are two small bolts on either side,loosen these and you will be able to rotate the unit forward andback. Have someone put the transmission in reverse, and stand in the rearof the car ( wheels blocked of course ) make small movements withthe switch with the big nut as the pivot ( may need to loosenslightly ) and have your helper tell you when the lights are on,hold it steady and tighten the bolts on either side. I actually recommend that you remove the switch completely whileyou are down there and clean it out on the inside, then cover itwith some new dielectric grease. This switch should probably neverneed replacing if you can do these two things.

Where is the reverse light switch or fuse located on a peterbilt 357?

Fuses are in the kick panel behind the clutch pedal. The switch islocated on the transmission... you remove the boot from thetransmission shift column, pull it up, and you can access it thatway... unplug the connector from the switch, jump the two sides ofthe plug with a test lead... if your reverse lamps work at thispoint, then the switch is faulty and needs to be replaced (assumingthey weren't working before). If not, you'll have some wiring totrace, starting with that same plug... one pole should always havepower, so you take your test light and check to see if it does. Ifit does, then you work your way from the reverse lamps forward, andcheck the connectors. When you find one which does have power, youtrace the wiring back to find the short or other fault.