Where was the homeland of the Italians?

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Who supports a Jewish homeland in Palestine?

A number of countries support this view, not the least of which isIsrael itself, the "Jewish Homeland in Palestine". Israel is alsosupported primarily by the United States and other Westerncountries. However, tacit support, by way of recognition, has beengiven to Israel by all non-Islamic UN countri (MORE)

Can you sue the Department of Homeland Security?

Answer . No. At least I certainly hope not.. Federal agencies can be sued depending upon the circumstances involved.. Homeland Security is a combination of federal law enforcement and investigation agencies, that being so, a specific agency would have to be named.. Example: An error committed (MORE)

What is the squirrel's homeland?

Africa, the Americas, and Eurasia are thehomelands of squirrels. Specifically, the mammal in question ( Sciuridae family) isnative to all continents except Antarctica and Australia. Theymanage to adapt to many configurations of terrain and weather. Butthey will not survive in super-cold polar reg (MORE)

What was the homeland of Paracelsus?

Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, who adopted the pseudonym Philippus Aureolus Paracelsus , was born in Einsiedeln (nowpart of Switzerland) in 1493. He was a physician and scientist thatduring the Renaissance. He made contributions to medicine andfounded the field of toxicology. He died in 1541. (MORE)

What was the original homeland of the first Hebrews?

According to the Book of Genesis, Israel was the father of the Israelites, or Hebrews. From this it would appear that he was the first Hebrew. He was said to live in Canaan. Scholars, such as Israel Finkelstein and many others, believe that the Hebrew people coalesced as a nation around 1250 BCE, wh (MORE)

Why did the vikings leave their homeland?

For the most part, they didn't. Some colonized Iceland and later Greenland for various reasons (chance to begin anew, escaping religious persecution by the Christians, et al). Mostly however, the Norwegians stayed in Norway, the Danish stayed in Denmark, and so on.

What is the answer to 'How are you' in Italian?

Bene, grazie, e tu [or Lei ] is an Italian answer to the question 'How are you'. In the word by word translation, the adverb 'bene' means 'well'. The interjection 'grazie' means 'thank you'. The conjunction 'e' means 'and'. The personal pronouns 'tu' and 'Lei' mean 'you'. The word 'tu' i (MORE)

Homeland of Isacc newton?

Sir Isacc Newton, although famous for his law of gravitation, wasalso a philosopher, mathematician, scientist, astronomer andphysicist. He was born on January 4th, 1643 in Woolsthorpe,England.

What is the Palestinian Homeland?

Palestinians are those Arabs who trace their origins to the formerBritish Mandate of Palestine, so that area could be consideredtheir homeland. However, it is worth noting that prior to 1993,there was no Palestinian self-rule at any time in history when theidentity (or its Levantine Arab predecessor (MORE)

Where was the homeland of Buddha?

Buddha was born in kapilvastu, Nepal.birthplace is marked by a stone scripture laid by king Ashoka.in stone scripture it is confirmed that buddha was born in that place(kapilvastu , Nepal)

What is 'it' in Italian?

there isn't really an "it" in italian, so if you want to say "it's italian, you would just say italiano (itah lee ah no) hope it helps :)

What is 'What about you' in Italian?

E te for one person or E voi for more than one may be Italian equivalents of 'What about you'. The conjunction 'e' means 'and'. The personal pronouns 'te' and 'voi' mean '[informal] you' and '[informal] you all'. They respectively are pronounced 'eh teh' and 'eh voy'. That's what's said to (MORE)

Who created a homeland for the Holocaust survivors?

It was not really created after the holocaust. Israel is more a country like the U.S. was just took longer to gain independence i.e. 1948 and from there on out the U.S. has been a major peace keeper in the area.

Alexander the Great how did he protected his homeland?

Whilst Alexander made his move from Europe to Asia in his 'War of revenge' on Persia, he stationed one of his generals, Antipater, in Macedonia with a large force of Macedonians. Antipater was in charge of settling any rebellions that broke out in Greece and it was his job to bring these rebellions (MORE)

What is Napoleon's homeland?

Napoleon was born on the Island of Corsica which had been a French property for a year when he was born. He was therefore born French of Italian heritage.

When was the homeland for Jews created?

It was created by Britain shortly after World War 1, possibly as a 'divide and rule' tactic, and the first serious fighting between Jews and Arabs took place in 1920.

What are the Arabs homeland?

here are the Arab country homeland and population . 1. Egypt. 77,500,000. 2. Sudan. 39,154,490. 3. Algeria. 34,895,000. 4. Morocco. 31,649,000. 5. (Iraq the greatest country of arab). 30,747,000. 6. Saudi Arabia. 25,721,000. 7. Yemen. 23,580,000. 8. Syria. 21,906,000. (MORE)

Do you capitalize the word homeland?

Sometimes, it depends on what way you use homeland in a sentence. For example if i said "we are going to a homeland in Germany", then you would not capitalize homeland but if i said "we are going to George Washington State of Science Homeland" then you would capitalize it.

Why did they viking leave their homeland?

they left their home land because it was too over populated and they didnt have enough land to provide enough food for their whole population. So they took to raiding until England offered them land so that they wouldn't raid them or other countries any more. In general they where nice they where fo (MORE)

What is a Homeland in South Africa?

A homeland is a place where the South Africans were forced when invaders came. They were in the inside of South Africa instead of the coast. ---- A homeland was an area within South Africa reserved for native Africans under the Apartheid policy of the South African government which was in governm (MORE)

What exactly is a homeland security job?

There are various government agencies that may be considered a homeland security job. Examples of a homeland security job include anything that involves the safety and deterrence of threats that compromise the safety of the United States, such as the TSA.

What is the income for Homeland Security jobs?

Income for homeland security jobs vary from region to region, country to country and on factors such as risk and specific division one is assigned to. It can start at about $30000 and onwards. See the related link.

Where can someone homeland security jobs?

Someone could receive homeland security jobs from the actual department located in Washington DC. One could also go to various Port Authorities and see what is available there.

Where is the homeland of the Hessians?

True "Hessians" came from the region of what is now Hessen, inGermany. Additionally, the British deployed many German troops fromother regions of present-day Germany, including Brunswick,Anspach-Bayreuth, Anhalt Zerbst, and Waldeck. However, the largestcontribution of auxiliary troops came from Hess (MORE)

Did the Philistines have a homeland?

The Philistine people in the bible lived in the land of Canaan. There are many regions in Canaan and the Philistines are known from being from near the seas.

Where was the Etruscan homeland?

The people probably entered Europe as nomads perhaps over threethousand years ago in the movement of peoples westward who providedthe basis for the Italian and Greek peoples, and settled in northcentral Italy where they established a distinctive culture.