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Diamonds have been part of human history for more than 6,000 years. The best estimates are that the earliest diamonds were found in India. Whether these stones were actually mined, or were simply picked up from the dirt is unknown.

Mining for diamonds commercially can be traced to India, Brazil and South Africa in the 1800s.
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What was the date the first diamonds were mined?

It's possible that diamonds were discovered in India as long ago as 6,000 years. Without documentation, it might be difficult to settle on a precise year in which diamonds wer

Why are diamonds mined?

Diamonds are mined to recover them for use. As there is a good deal of demand for them, they have significant value. It is a simple economics principle that if there is demand

What is a diamond mine?

A diamond mine is a location on earth where a volcanic pipe that  erupts diamonds to the surface is being dug away -- usually in the  shape of a cone -- to remove the diamon

How do you mine diamonds?

Because diamonds surface through eruptions of volcanic pipes from deep within the earth's mantle, the mined area around the pipe begins as a circle around the pipe and expands

How is a diamond mined?

a diamond is mined from the ground using a special tool which is a big drill or in some countries they are dug up by hand in mines.

Where can you mine diamonds?

With appropriate land ownership or leasing rights, you can mine diamonds on every continent except Europe and Antarctica.

Do you mine diamonds?

Diamonds are mined from geologic rock formations containing the ore kimberlite. The "pipes", or ore lodes, are found worldwide, in places such as South Africa, India, and Aust

What do you do when you get to the diamond mines?

When you have gotten all four of the jewels from the other places of your map you visit a place called Diamond mine and you put on you safety hat from Zeke that he gave you.