Whether it is compulsory for IT audit for gross sale of rs44lacs in a financial year?

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Công ty Luật Á Đông say: In Vietnam I think it is labor code. Labor code is a legislation is promulgated by Congress it cove all issues relating to labor, employers, employee. see more here....luatsuadong.vn
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What is the difference between gross sales and gross receipts as far as an audit is concerned?

\nGROSS RECEIPTS is the total amount received prior to the deduction of any allowances, discounts, credits, etc.\n. \nGROSS REVENUE is income (at invoice values) received for

How do you audit a financial statement?

Auditing the financial statements of a business is a tedious process, the further the auditor wants to go back, the more difficult it becomes. In order to audit the financial

What is net sales and gross sales?

NET SALES: Gross sales minus returns, discounts, and allowances. GROSS SALES: Total invoice value of sales, before deducting for customer discounts, allowances, or return

What is unqualified audited financial statement?

Unqualified audited financial statement is setof financial statements which are audited by external financialauditors and found "True and fair view" of financial statements an

What standard governs financial audits?

In a financial audit, the management of an organization asserts that the financial statements are prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP),