Which President was nicknamed the builder of the great society?

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It was Lyndon Johnson.
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What was President Johnson's Great Society?

The Great Society was a war on poverty and was led by Lyndon BJohnson. There were several things involved in the Great Society : . Higher Education Act which allowed more stu

What were the goals of President Johnson's Great Society?

The Great Society had several major goals. Full civil rights for blacks and other minorities, economic help for the poor and disadvantaged of all races (known as the War on Po

What did President Johnson's Great Society accomplish?

Only 11% of Americans were below the poverty line well into Nixon's administration because of the Great Society. Another benefit of the program was the creation of Medicaid an

What was the great society and who waS the president?

Lyndon Johnson was the President who started the Great Society programs. The Great Society was a set of domestic programs proposed or enacted in the United States on the in

What did president Lyndon Johnson's great society aim to attack?

The Great Society focused on eliminating poverty (War on Poverty) and racial injustice (both Civil Rights Acts and the Voting Rights Act) and overcoming disease (Medicare and