Which TV has better image quality LCD TV or rear projection TV?

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lcd tv with hdtv
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Which is better an LCD TV or Plasma TV?

I think that most people prefer LCDs (liquid crystal display) overplasma (depending on manufacturer) because of their lower energyconsumption and plasma's are susceptible to i

Which is better a lcd TV or crt TV?

Each one is better than the other for different reasons. CRT is best for longevity and is way more durable as you can take a baseball bat to a CRT screen with a very considera

Which is better LCD TV or LED TV?

There is confusion about LED televisions. LCD televisions require a light source behind the LCD panel. The liquid crystals act as shutters to let light pass and so they cr

What is better led TV or lcd TV?

so...The LED is going to be the latest and the greastest. The LED is going to give more of a brighter color off due to the side lighting instead of the lighting being in the m

Which is a better LCD TV brand.. Samsung LCD TV or Sony LCD TV?

Both Sony and Samsung make several somewhat esoteric models of television for specialist markets and these perhaps don't need a mention in an answer as they are not likely to

Which is better a plasma TV or an LCD TV?

LCD TV is better because plasma TVs use certain gas cells to produce the image and the TV can make the room feel like a furnace in just a few minutes, depending on the surroun

Which has the better picture quality plasma or lcd tv?

LCD and plasma are very different display technologies but both produce good results. Plasma is the more mature technology but LCD has been developed rapidly over the last few

What is better an LED or an LCD TV?

It depends what you mean by LED. Liquid Crystal Displays need a light source, as LCDs produce non themselves. This light, used to be provided by Cold Cathode Flourescent Lamps

What is better and lcd TV or a led TV?

Although it still depends on its technical specification, in the vast majority of cases an LED TV will be better. LED usually has a sharper image as each pixel is being change

Do active 3D TVs have better image quality than passive 3D TVs?

In theory, active 3D TVs are supposed to have better image quality than passive models. Passive televisions such as LG split the image lines so each eye sees only 540 lines