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Which abiotic factor has the LEAST effect on the ability of aerobic organisms to live and reproduce in a cave?

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Shape of rocks in the cave
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Which abiotic factors chooses what lives in an environment?

  Well, first of all water is of coarse an important non-living factor. Also, soil is important because what nutrients are in the soil and the moisture content there dicta

Are abiotic factors living things?

  Biotic factors are living things.   Abiotic factors are NOT living things. These factors include temperature and the amount of sunlight.

What abiotic factors effect pandas?

  fires, earthquakes, temprature decrese, temprature increase, and pollution, ect.   fires, earthquakes, temprature decrese, temprature increase, and pollution, ect.

What are the biotic and abiotic factors in a cave ecosystem?

Abiotic - rock (often limestone a.k.a kast), sand, stalagmites, stalactites and any man made features that may be in there. Biotic - bats (most common), spiders and small ins
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How the abiotic factors effects the activity of microorganisms?

abiotic parameters control the abundance of organisms in an ecosystem and the survival growth of each organism requires a comlex set of conditions, all conditions must remain

What effect do abiotic factors have on the ecosystem?

Populations are influenced by fluctuations in any of the abiotic cycles. The fluctuations of seasonal cycles can cause populations to hibernate, migrate, or breed. Organisms b