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Which animals lay blue eggs?

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Robins, Araucana hens, Easter Egger Hens and Americana Hens.
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Do snakes lay blue eggs?

No. Some snakes give birth to live young. When snakes do lay eggs, they are usually white.

Which chicken lays blue eggs?

There are two 'purebred' breeds that lay blue eggs. Those are the Araucana and the Ameraucana. Note that the standard for Araucanas differs in Europe from the American stand

Do chickens lay blue eggs?

Some breeds of chicken can lay blue eggs - they are the Araucana and Ameraucana. Both lay blue eggs - and purebreds are very rare - especially the Araucana. However, EasterE

What male animals lay eggs?

There are no male animals that lay eggs. Many people think that a male sea horse lays eggs, but a female sea horse lays eggs and the male carries them and takes care of it.