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Which company use child labor?

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HANES, Nike, soft drinks, walmart etc
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Which companies use child labor?

Coca-cola McDonalds Nestle adidas American Apperal Cheveron Exxon Gap Nike Wal-mart Hanes Firestone Disney Victoria's Secret Abercrombie and Fitch

Why are children used for child labor?

well one of the number one reasons is because sometimes it is beneficial to their family because their family may have poverty issues and all the money that they earn for work

When was child labor banned in the US?

In the United States it took many years to outlaw child labor. Connecticut passed a law in 1813 saying that working children must have some schooling. By 1899 a total of 28 st

Does Hershey's use child labor?

Yup :( sadly... US law prohibits child labor, and there is no evidence that Hershey violates that law where it applies.

What companies don't use child labor?

Impossible to list. Millions of US employers lawfully employ children. Millions who employed kids last month don't have kids working this month, but will next month.