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Which is better for plants-plain water sugar water or salt water?

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There are many folk-cures and hear-say remedies for growing plants, many if not most will end in weakening if not killing the plant, the best recourse is to know the plant, know what type of soil it likes, and what kind of nutrients it requires, (well balanced nutrient filled diet) the simple course of action would be: Plain water, Air, Sunlight [full/partial/defused] and a mild form of fertilizer, keeping in mind not to over water or under water.
i would say that salt water'
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Do plants grow better in salt sugar or regular water why?

Plants will not grow well in a saline solution because it will dehydrate the plant, unless the plant is a type of mangrove or is salinity tolerant. Plants may grow better in

Do plants grow better with sugar water or salt water?

Plants will grow better with sugar water. Salt water will kill a plant.

Which liquid is better for plant growth sugar water salt water or spring water?

The requirements and tolerances of different plants vary depending on : (i). what the plant is, then: (ii). what its requirements are, then: (iii). what minerals and nutri

Will an egg float better in sugar water salt water or regular water?

An egg would float better in salt water. Because salt water has a greater density, it will give a greater upward push. An egg floats better in salt water than sugar water due
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Does yeast grow better in sugar water or salt water?

Yeast Grows much better in sugar water. They are micro organisms that need the sucrose in the sugar to activate and grow, without the sugar very little would happen. If you us

Why salt dissolves better in water salt than sugar?

If it is said more correctly, salt dissociates in water as it is an ionic compound and seperate into ions when mixed water. Subsequently, these ions create hydration spheres v