Which is the radio fuse in a 4 Geo Metro fuse box?

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i thin it is #22 but what year is the metro
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92 Geo Metro Where is the fuse box labled?

Answer . Should be listed in the owner's manual. If you don't have one and can't find one from a dealership it may be best to pick up a Hayne's or Chilton's manual for a fe

Where is the fuse box on a 1995 Geo Metro?

Answer . \nMove the drivers seat all the way back. Lay upside down, look between steering column and drivers side wheel well. The plastic cover has a list of fuse sizes and

Which fuse is the one for the radio - lighter in a 1995 Geo Metro?

Answer . \nLook under the dash between steering column and driver's side door, you may have to lay on your back to see under the dash and take a flashlight, the fuses are

Where is the fuse box located on a 1993 Geo Metro?

Answer . The fuse box is normally under dash on the drivers side, may have to get down low next to the drivers side door and look up and to the left. There is also a fuse

Where is the fuse box 93 Geo Metro?

A 1993 Geo Metro has two fuse boxes. One fuse box, that has therelays in it, is under the hood and the other fuse box is under thedash next to the driver side door.

Where are the fuses in a 1997 Geo Metro?

Depends on what fuses you're looking for. The electrical and various small fuses are located on a fuse panel underneath the drivers side dashboard (around the brake pedal area

Where are the fuses on a 1996 Geo Metro?

The standard small fuses that control the radio, instrument gauges, and other interior electrical components lie under the dash in the steering wheel area (left side). It may
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Is the radio fuse is in the fuse box?

the answer to this question is an obvious yes ------------------------ Answers to questions like this are not always obvious. I am not a mechanic, but I am sure there is