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Which of the ancient civilizations developed an empire that controlled the most land?

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Why did most ancient civilizations develop near rivers?

Most ancient civilizations needed the fertile land, food sources  (water-based fowl, fish, etc.), and trading opportunities found  near rivers to support their community. Ov

What lands did the safavid empire control?

The Safavids (an Sufi Islamic empire developed after the raids of the Mongols and the Black Death in the 14th century) the land East of the Mediterranean and Anatolia, North o

Why did the ancient civilizations develop in rivers?

Because water is the single most important element to a human being. For any civilisation to flourish, they need water for their crops, for their domestic animals and, of cour

Which ancient civilization was the most influential?

The Ancient Hellenic (Greek) civilizations. They gave us the ideas of a republic and governance as well as learning and philosophy. They laid the foundations of modern science

What two ancient civilizations influenced the byzantine empire most?

The heritage of the so-called Byzantine Empire were the Greek and Roman civilisations. The Byzantine Empire was the continuation of the Roman Empire. This term has been coined

Where did most ancient civilization develop?

Ancient civilizations began by rivers and fertile lands. The first civilizations started in the Fertile Crescent, around the Nile river. This was known as the "Cradle of Civil

What lands did the Ottoman Empire control?

At its biggest which was the dawn of the 17th century, they controlled Iraq, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Northern Caucasia, Crimea (up to Don and Volga Rivers), the whole bl

What is the world's most ancient civilization?

This depends on your definintion of civilization. There was Babylon, which was a mere city. The first true known nation was Egypt.

What was the most important ancient civilization?

It depends what important means. In terms of contributions to the modern world, Ancient Greece contributed to Medicine, Science, Art, Engineering and Philosophy and laid the f

How did the geography of ancient Egypt the development of its civilization?

In ancient Egypt, the geography helped the people there live. There were many river systems such as the Tigris and Eurphrates. Those two are the main rivers. People decided to