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Which organs cause inhalation and exhalation to occur?

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What happens during inhalation and exhalation?

Inhalation is the process of taking air into the lungs. For this to occur, the air pressure inside the lungs must be lower than that of the external atmosphere as air flows fr

What happens when you inhale the air you exhale?

The air you exhale normally contains 19% less oxygen than inhaled air, with a 4% to 5% level of carbon dioxide and other gases, along with added water vapor. (Which is why you

How does the diaphragm involved in inhalation and Exhalation?

When you inhale the diaphragm moves downward. The chest cavity becomes lager. When the chest cavity expands the air pressure within drops and the pressure outside is greater.

What is inhale and exhale is known as?

Inhale: inspiration   Exhale: expiration   Both: respiration, also breathing

What causes your body to inhale and exhale air into your lungs?

I believe that the pressure from the diaphragm causes our lungs inflate, thus we inhale and when the diaphragm deflates, it makes us exhale. -------------------------------

Does cow exhale oxygen after inhaling it?

Yes, but not as O2. Cows, just like us humans, exhale CO2, which is carbon dioxide, a molecule that has oxygen with a carbon atom attached.

Why cow exhale and inhale oxyzen?

Cows, like most organisms you will encounter, use the process of aerobic respiration. This happens at the cellular level, where all cells in the cow's body have mitochondria,