Which two presidents who believed all nations should be free?

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John f. Kennedy & Abraham Lincoln
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Why should i believe all this advice?

Answer . advice is something that helps you belive you can do it;its like an auddit service;you depend on it to show you the right path.But to awnser your question,you beli
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Are all national parks free?

No,lots of them cost around $5-$20 most likely but they could be more or less
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Which two presidents had their nationality questioned?

The first was Chester Alan Arthur. His father was a Canadian and her and his wife had lived in Canada before they moved to Vermont where Chester was born, However, the place i
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Who was Dred Scott and why did he believe he should be free?

A slave who applied for his freedom on the grounds that he had once lived on free soil. But he had moved back to slave-country with his master, and local judges referred his c