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Which word has a male in a dairy product?

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the answer is either of the 2 words: cheese or diesel
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Is mayonnaise a dairy product?

No. There are no milk products in it. It is made of eggs, oil, and flavorings.

Is beef a dairy product?

no it is a meat. cheese,milk etc are dairy dairy is a product made form milk

What are all dairy products?

some dairy products are yogurt,milk,cream cheese,cheese,and really anything that contains milk in it is a dairy product.

What are dairy products?

Dairy products are made from animal milk, and include butter,cheese, cream and so forth. Products made of milk are called as dairy products. Some productmade from Milk are s

Are there male dairy cows?

Absolutely, I believe you're asking about a bull though:    Cattle, scientifically known as "Bos taurus" have a specific  name for both male and female sexes. The male