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the answer is either of the 2 words: cheese or diesel
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What are dairy products?

Dairy products are made from animal milk, and include butter,cheese, cream and so forth. Products made of milk are called as dairy products. Some productmade from Milk are s

Are there male dairy cows?

Absolutely, I believe you're asking about a bull though: Cattle, scientifically known as " Bos taurus" have a specificname for both male and female sexes. The male is calle

What is a male dairy bovine called?

Dairy males are called bulls if intact and steers if castrated.

Is mayonnaise a dairy product?

No. There are no milk products in it. It is made of eggs, oil, and flavorings. No because it only has oil and eggs and when did cows start laying eggs?

Is meat a dairy product?

no its not; not unless its in milk or cheese or something kelsey Johnson

What are vegan alternatives for dairy products?

There are many alternatives to dairy. If you are needing a milk for your cereal alternative Rice milk is my favorite although many use soy, oat, coconut, hazelnut or hemp milk

Is cake a dairy product?

It depends on whether the cake was made with milk and butter or not. Most cakes use milk and butter but there are some that don't. Also, you may substitute milk for water or j

Why do dairy products ferment easily?

they contain sugars ( lactose ) which undergo oxidation on keeping at room temperature, also called fermentation.

Can a male cow be dairy?

There are dairy bulls. If the cow is not bred, she will not produce milk. Bulls are necessary to do this. Although, many cows are now artificially inseminated. Unless dairy he