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Which word has a male in a dairy product?

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the answer is either of the 2 words: cheese or diesel
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Do dairy products contribute to asthma?

Not that I am aware of. I am an asthmatic and the major causes or triggers my doctor told me were: Dust The cold (like being cold outside) Cat Saliva (no joke, I suggested cat

Is mayo a dairy product?


Is mayonnaise a dairy product?

No. There are no milk products in it. It is made of eggs, oil, and flavorings.

Why are dairy products good for your bones?

Dairy products are good for you because they help prevent bone disease.

How do dairy products help the body?

They provides calcium to make your bones stronger and healthier, and protein for muscle and connective tissue. Here's are some other benefits:   * Anti-diarrheal Effects

Is beef a dairy product?

no it is a meat. cheese,milk etc are dairy dairy is a product made form milk

What is 10 different dairy products?

cheese, milk, cheese sticks...that's all I got

What are all dairy products?

some dairy products are yogurt,milk,cream cheese,cheese,and really anything that contains milk in it is a dairy product.

What are dairy products?

Dairy products are made from animal milk, and include butter, cheese, cream and so forth. In supermarkets, vegetal dairy products such as those based on soy milk, rice milk,
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Is bacon a dairy product?

No, dairy are items made from milk. Bacon would be a meats and protiens group item.

How expensive is dairy products?

it can range from 20p to ? depends where you buy it from.