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Who are famous musicians from Europe?

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1) Jimmy Page 2) John Lennon 3) Paul McCarteny 4) Sting 5) Aubree Ponce 6) Robert Plant 7) John Paul Jones 8) George Harrison 9) Bauno 10) Ringo Starr
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Famous jazz musicians of the 1920s?

The 1920's were the start of the "Jazz Age" a.k.a. "Roaring 20's," and had quite a few great jazz musicians, such as Louis Armstrong, Fletcher Henderson, Jelly Roll Morton, Pa

Who are Famous Indian musicians and their instruments?

INSTRUMENTALISTS   Sitar   clem alfordIndrajit BanerjeeNikhil BanerjeePartha BoseAnjan ChattopadhyayBharati ChokshiShambhu DasImrat KhanNishat Khanustad rais khanVilayat

Which famous musicians are atheists?

The list of atheist musicians is extensive and forever growing; Because of the constant need for update and the secrecy some individuals prefer to keep about their religious p

How much does a famous musician make?

    Musician Earnings     World class classical soloists can make upwards of $50,000 per concert.

Who is a famous musician?

1.Michael Jackson  2.Elvis Presley  3.Elton John  4.Madonna  5.Britney Spears  6.Paul Mccartney  7.Mariah Carey  8.Lady Gaga/Rihanna/Shakira  9.Celine Dion 

Who are famous musicians of the 1930's?

  Depends on the genre but for big band and jazz musicians you had people like Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey, Cab Calloway, Helen Forrest, Bunny Berigan. To name a few the w

Who are the famous musicians of Paraguay?

  Nicolas Carter is a famous harp player from Paraguay he has many CD albums that you can buy including the following: "Ecos Del Alma" which includes native songs from Per

Who is a famous musician from Venezuela?

hi im a student at ltms lexington Kentucky. i was wondering if you could tell me about some famous people (musicians) from Venezuela and what they're music is like. thank you

Is there a famous musician that plays the tuba?

Famous tuba players include:Tommy Johnson who played the tuba until his death, playing notable theme songs for films--the most famous being JAWSRoger Bobo played with the L.A.