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Who are famous musicians from Europe?

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1) Jimmy Page 2) John Lennon 3) Paul McCarteny 4) Sting 5) Aubree Ponce 6) Robert Plant 7) John Paul Jones 8) George Harrison 9) Bauno 10) Ringo Starr
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How did most musicians become famous?

Simple....You Practice! PRACTICE! PRAACTICE! Then you meet other musicians and practice with them and bounce ideas, or go solo, and then put videos on youtube, play every venu

Who are famous Brazilian musicians?

  João Gilberto, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Daniela Mercury, Sergio Mendes, Ary Barroso, Rosa Passos, Chico Buarque, Vinicius de Moraes, Antonio Carlos Jobim, João Do

Who are some famous jazz musicians?

There are many and their styles can vary greatly. First, some of the most important early developers of Jazz include: Louis Armstrong, Joe Oliver and Jelly Roll Morton.Later

Who are the most famous musicians?

I think that some of the most famous musicians are: Michael Jackson (possibly the most famous person ever) Elvis Presley John Lennon Paul McCartney Madonna Freddie Mercury

Who is a famous musician?

1.Michael Jackson  2.Elvis Presley  3.Elton John  4.Madonna  5.Britney Spears  6.Paul Mccartney  7.Mariah Carey  8.Lady Gaga/Rihanna/Shakira  9.Celine Dion 

Who are famous musicians of the 1930's?

  Depends on the genre but for big band and jazz musicians you had people like Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey, Cab Calloway, Helen Forrest, Bunny Berigan. To name a few the w

Who are the famous musicians of Paraguay?

  Nicolas Carter is a famous harp player from Paraguay he has many CD albums that you can buy including the following: "Ecos Del Alma" which includes native songs from Per