Who are famous musicians from Europe?

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1) Jimmy Page 2) John Lennon 3) Paul McCarteny 4) Sting 5) Aubree Ponce 6) Robert Plant 7) John Paul Jones 8) George Harrison 9) Bauno 10) Ringo Starr
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Who is a famous musician?

1.Michael Jackson 2.Elvis Presley 3.Elton John 4.Madonna 5.Britney Spears 6.Paul Mccartney 7.Mariah Carey 8.Lady Gaga/Rihanna/Shakira 9.Celine Dion 10.A.R.Rahman

Who is a famous musician from Venezuela?

hi im a student at ltms lexington Kentucky. i was wondering if you could tell me about some famous people (musicians) from Venezuela and what they're music is like. thank you

A famous musician that is with the letter c?

Charlie Daniels, country music performer fiddle/violin player . Charlie Watts, The Rolling Stones drummer . Chris Pitman, Guns and Roses . Chris Daughtry, American Idol f

Is there a famous musician that plays the tuba?

Famous tuba players include: . Tommy Johnson who played the tuba until his death, playing notable theme songs for films--the most famous being JAWS . Roger Bobo played with
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Who are some famous friends of musicians?

I am not really sure how to answer this question. I know that Barack Obama has several musician friends that he had put on concerts for money to benefit his campaign. Louis CK