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Who are famous musicians from Europe?

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1) Jimmy Page 2) John Lennon 3) Paul McCarteny 4) Sting 5) Aubree Ponce 6) Robert Plant 7) John Paul Jones 8) George Harrison 9) Bauno 10) Ringo Starr
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How did most musicians become famous?

Simple....You Practice! PRACTICE! PRAACTICE! Then you meet other musicians and practice with them and bounce ideas, or go solo, and then put videos on youtube, play every venu (MORE)

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Famous jazz musicians of the 1920s?

The 1920's were the start of the "Jazz Age" a.k.a. "Roaring 20's," and had quite a few great jazz musicians, such as Louis Armstrong, Fletcher Henderson, Jelly Roll Morton, Pa (MORE)

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Who are famous Brazilian musicians?

  João Gilberto, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Daniela Mercury, Sergio Mendes, Ary Barroso, Rosa Passos, Chico Buarque, Vinicius de Moraes, Antonio Carlos Jobim, João Do (MORE)

Famous Bipolar Musicians

Creativity has been linked with bipolar disorder such as in the review, "Creativity and bipolar disorder: touched by fire or burning with questions?" by Johnson et al. Many mu (MORE)

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The sport of downhill skiing has its origins in Europe, so there is little doubt that some of the best resorts in the world can be found there. Here is a list of the five best (MORE)

Easy Celsius, Currency and Other Conversions for Europe Travel

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Who are Famous Indian musicians and their instruments?

INSTRUMENTALISTS   Sitar   clem alfordIndrajit BanerjeeNikhil BanerjeePartha BoseAnjan ChattopadhyayBharati ChokshiShambhu DasImrat KhanNishat Khanustad rais khanVilayat (MORE)

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Who are some famous jazz musicians?

There are many and their styles can vary greatly. First, some of the most important early developers of Jazz include: Louis Armstrong, Joe Oliver and Jelly Roll Morton.Later (MORE)

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Famous musicians from Costa Rica?

Many varieties of music are popular in Costa Rica. A short list of  famous musicians from Costa Rica would include: Jose Capmany,  Walter Flores, Mario Maisonnave, Luis Mona (MORE)