Who are four scientists from the Caribbean?

Although there are many scientists, researchers, doctors, et al., from the Caribbean region, the following are four such scientists, chosen randomly from the internet, and listed in no particular order: - Dr. Samuel Rawlins, Prof. John Agard, and Dr. Roger Pulwarty: Along with two other Caribbean scientists, they contributed to the 2007 report of the United Nations' Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that helped the institution win a Nobel Peace Prize, which was shared in December 2008 with former United States Vice President, Al Gore. (http://woodshedenvironment.wordpress.com/2008/01/17/caribbean-scientist-dr-samuel-rawlins-helps-un-win-nobel-peace-prize) - Dr. Arnoldo Khaleel Ventura: Senior Adviser to the Prime Minister of Jamaica on science and technology since 1989 (http://www.caribbean-icons.org/science/arnoldo-ventura.htm) For more information about Caribbean scientists, enter the phrase "Caribbean scientists" into your favorite search engine.
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The group of four large islands in the Caribbean sea is called the?

The group of four Caribbean islands is called The Windward Islands. These are Grenada, St. Lucia, Dominica, and St. Vincent. They are known by that name because they face the (MORE)

Famous scientist in the Caribbean?

Some famous scientists from the Caribbean are Anthony Chen, Ivan  Chang Yen, and Roger S. Pulwarty. Other examples include Marcia  Roye and Louis Grant.
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Four Caribbean countries sugar plantation were found?

Barbados,cuba,guyana and jamaica.the caribbean has tropical climate so many countries of the caribbean have many sugar plantations.it flourished because of the climate.
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Name some Caribbean scientist?

Regarded as a national hero, Dr. Earle Kirby displayed an  unsurpassed knowledge of earth, rock, soil and vegetation of his  native land. Although he was a veterinarian by p (MORE)

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