Who are four scientists from the Caribbean?

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Although there are many scientists, researchers, doctors, et al., from the Caribbean region, the following are four such scientists, chosen randomly from the internet, and listed in no particular order: - Dr. Samuel Rawlins, Prof. John Agard, and Dr. Roger Pulwarty: Along with two other Caribbean scientists, they contributed to the 2007 report of the United Nations' Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that helped the institution win a Nobel Peace Prize, which was shared in December 2008 with former United States Vice President, Al Gore. (http://woodshedenvironment.wordpress.com/2008/01/17/caribbean-scientist-dr-samuel-rawlins-helps-un-win-nobel-peace-prize) - Dr. Arnoldo Khaleel Ventura: Senior Adviser to the Prime Minister of Jamaica on science and technology since 1989 (http://www.caribbean-icons.org/science/arnoldo-ventura.htm) For more information about Caribbean scientists, enter the phrase "Caribbean scientists" into your favorite search engine.
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Famous scientist in the Caribbean?

Some famous scientists from the Caribbean are Anthony Chen, Ivan  Chang Yen, and Roger S. Pulwarty. Other examples include Marcia  Roye and Louis Grant.

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