Who becomes vice president if Obama gets impeached and biden becomes president?

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Biden would then nominate someone to be vice-president and if he is confirmed by both houses of Congress he would be the vice-president.
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Who becomes president if the president is impeached?

The vice president becomes the new President if the Presidentvacates his office for any reason, including death, resignation, orforced removal via the impeachment process. No

Who becomes Vice President if something happens to Vice President Biden?

Let's say everything "goes according to plan" and Joe Biden is sworn in and things remain the same. If Vice President Biden "drops out of the picture" after that and all thing

Why is biden the 47th vice president and Obama the 44th president?

A Vice President can resign, be removed or die in office thusnecessitating the appointment of a new Vice President. Also aPresident can chose a new running mate when going for

Where can you send an email to President Obama and Vice President Biden?

The best way to do that is to follow the instructions on the link to "contact the White House," which I have enclosed. However, you should be aware that presidents and vice pr
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Who becomes president if Barack Obama is impeached?

If a president becomes unable to serve, whether through death, severe illness, or impeachment, the vice president would assume the position of president. This is what happened