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Who bombed USS Cole?

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the people who bombed the USS cole were spineless cowards. They were people who came from a place, not civilized. A place where women cower at the foot of man. A place where suicide bombers are heroes. Gee i wonder where that would be? You tell me at troysusd@yahoo.com
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Who bombed the uss liberty?

Israel's air force and navy attacked the USS Liberty in June 1967 while the ship was in international waters. Israel attacked and tried very hard to sink the intelligence eave

What was the USS Cole?

Two United States Navy destroyers have borne the name USS Cole. The first Cole was named for Edward B. Cole. The second ship was named for Darrell S. Cole.The first USS Cole (

Was Esther hood on the uss cole?

yes. she was a seaman at the time, cranking in the mess decks. as the cole was refueling she voluteered to take trash to the dumpster which required sailors to leave the boat

What was the site of the attack on the USS Cole?

The USS COLE was attacked while at anchor in the port of Aden in  Yemen.