Who can vote in Afghanistan?

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Most people have the ability to vote. Women have recently gained that right, but it is strongly discouraged and some women are threatened for voting
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Where is Afghanistan?

Location of Afghanistan Afghanistan is located in south-central Asia. According to Columbia Encyclopedia, "Afghanistan is bordered by Iran on the west, by Pakistan on the ea

What is Afghanistan?

Afghanistan is a landlocked country in the Middle East, and south west asia. North of it is Turkmenistan, Uzbakistan and Tajikistan . West of it is Iran . East and So

Were is Afghanistan?

Afghanistan is in Asia. Asia is a continet. Which means Afghanistan is in Middle-East of Asia. The bordering countries are Pakistan, India, etc.

Can women vote in Afghanistan?

Generally, they can vote. This was caused by the US intervention which sent a lot of the Taliban and the like to other parts of the country, e.g. villages in the mountains. Of

Does Afghanistan vote for their President?

Yes, they have an election every five years. If no one candidate has a majority of votes, a second round of voting is held with the 2 candidates who have received the most vot

Why are we in Afghanistan?

Armed forces around the world are bravely fighting in Afghanistan due a constant terror threat. A Taliban fighter said on camera: "Once we have taken Afghanistan, we will take

What can you do in Afghanistan?

good question are you askin goes you want to go or something well anyways in Afghanistan you can have fun like it has really nice weather and good places like rivers and mount

What Country was Afghanistan before Afghanistan?

A country is a nation, and Afghanistan predates nations as a placeof settlement by about 50,000 years. At least people have beenknown to live there for about that long. In fac
In Afghanistan

How was Afghanistan?

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