Who gives vaccinations?

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Anyone can give their own injections if they know how. If not your vet will have to do it. With the exception of the rabies vaccine. In some states it is illegal for anyone but a vet to administer the rabies vaccine.
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Where do you give a dog a rabies vaccine.?

Most rabies vaccines are to be administered intramuscular which isinjected directly into a muscle tissue, usually in the thickmuscles of a dog's thigh. Your veterinarian shoul

When did they stop giving the smallpox vaccine?

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Can a flu vaccination give you the flu?

It is possible to symptoms OF the flu from a nasal mist, but not ashot. (Symptoms, not the actual thing) The shot is a fewarchaebacteria that have been mostly shutdown by disi

How do you give vaccinations to children and teens?

Vaccines are given by different methods, but most are intramuscular injections or "shots" and "jabs". These are given in the muscle using a syringe and needle. For infants

What vaccines should I give my horse?

There is no one-size-fits-all vaccination protocol for horses. This is because age, geographic location, boarding/stabling situation and use of the horse all play a role in th

What vaccinations do you give a German shepherd?

2nd Answer: In simpler language: Starting at around 6-8 weeks of age, the first DHLP/Parvo vaccinations should be given. This consists of Distemper, Heptatis, Lepto, Parainflu