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Duff and Sons, a molasses company, pioneered the quick mix cake in the late 1920s. Continental Mills, Hills Brothers Company under the Dromedary label, Pillsbury, Occident, Ward Baking Company, and the Doughnut Corporation all produced versions of cake mixes before World War II. Problems with spoilage and packaging kept mixes from widespread acceptance. In early November 1947, after four years of cake mix research and development, General Mills' test market cities were exposed to the "Just Add Water and Mix!" for Betty Crocker's Ginger Cake followed soon after by the "Golden Cake" still available today.
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What is the difference between cake mix and pound cake mix?

Usually cake mix is meant to be a moisture cake, whereas pound cake is dense. Pound cake is easier to stack/sculpt. Cake mix usually has better flavor, whereas pound cake mix

Can you make cake pops with cake mix?

Yes. It is one of the recommended ways to make cake pops. The  results are consistent. Many professional cake poppers use cake mix  as their base.

Can you combine cake mix and brownie mix to make a cake?

Well--I am going to try. The brownie cake [in a football cake pan] is in the oven. Watch here for what I used and how it turned out! OK -- here is what I used: 1 Betty Crock

Is cake mix the same as cake flour?

  A cake mix you just add water,cake flour is heat treated and as different gluten content and can only be usedas a part of a scratch recipe.

What is white cake mix?

Its... 2 1/3 cups all-purpose flour 1/3 cup nonfat dry milk 3 teaspoons baking powder 3/4 teaspoon salt 1 1/2 cups white sugar 1/2 cup plus 1 tablespoon shortening

How many cake mixes for a sheet cake?

Ok there are a few ways you can do this, but one is to find out how big the sheet cake is supposed to be, and how big a cake does one mix make? Eg, if one cake mix calls for a

When was the first cake mix invented?

the first cake mix was invented in the 1920's before WWII but the packages spoiled so in November 1947 after 4 years general mills made the first just add water mix.

Can you double the cake mix for a bigger cake?

Yes, you can double the cake mix for a bigger cake. Although it will make not make the rise any higher,you can make twice as much, consider your recipe an outline for flavor a

When were cakes invented?

  A cake type of food was baked 5,000 years ago. Historians have found it in tombs in dating from ancient Egypt. Cakes, more like we back today, were made 500 years ago an