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Le Diable is the devil. The term is most often to describe Robert Le Diable, or Robert the Devil in grand opera.
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What is les miserable about?

Les Miserables follows the story of a convict on parole, Jean Valjean, and other poor people in France after the reign of Napoleon. Valjean is arrested for stealing a loaf of

Is it les croissant or le croissant in french?

"Les" is used for the plural form of a word, so it would be "les croissants" for the croissants. The singular form for croissant would be "le," making it "le croissant" if it

What is Les Miserables about?

Les Miserables is about a former convict, Jean Valjean (24,601), and how he changes his life to help many, many people. Jean Valjean eight years after he breaks his parole,

What is LE preparation?

An LE prep (lupus erythematosus preparation) is when blood is taken out of the patient and left shaking and letting stand non-clotted blood. Damaged cells will release their n

What is a les Paul?

  Les Paul is a famous jazz guitarist. The Gibson Les Paul is a solid-body electric guitar, manufactured by the Gibson Guitar Corporation, named for and designed in collab

Who is Les Paul?

Les Paul was a great guitar player,and helped developed the solid body electric guitar. Find out more about him and the Les paul guitar on his website

What is lax les?

Lax les is related to GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease), it means relaxation of Lower esophageal spinchter (LES) muscle

Is le a suffix?

Le is a suffix. do not mistake the letters Le for french i am talking about English

What does les mean?

'les' is the definite article for the plural in French. It means 'the'. les voitures : the cars

What is le reveillon?

At Christmas or New Year 'un réveillon' means an all-night party (when you keep awake until the small hours).

Who is Le Vian?

Le Vian appears to be a registered trade mark name for a series of jeweleries by a designer. The source of the name is unclear.
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What is Le Mans?

Le mans is a racing series.

How do you disable the supercharger in a 1998 Grand Prix GTP and what are the advatages and disadvatages of doing diabling it?

you can't disable it. the only way not to spin the supercharger is take the belt off the supercharger. there are 2 belts on these engines. the one that drives the supercharger

What is le mistral?

The mistral is the name of a local, downslope wind which blows in  the Provence region, in France. The mistral is more precisely a  cold, dry wind which accelerates by the V