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Who is Radiomoda Mamitua Saber?

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What is an Air Force SABER Contract?

A Simplified Acquisition of a Base Engineering Requirements contract. It is generally used for simple construction projects that require minimum design. Most SABER contracts u (MORE)

Light Saber Duel Ends in Broken Light

During a late night finals weekend, these college students decided to have a light saber duel throughout their house. As they duked it out in their roommates room, they accide (MORE)

Opening Champagne with Different Tools

Accepting a saber challenge, this guy showed off the various ways he can open a champagne bottle including with a ski and with a the lid of a pot. He is mostly successful exce (MORE)

Second Time's a Charm

This guy wanted to cut the top off of this champagne bottle with a saber, but he didn't have one lying around. Instead, he used a champagne flute, and while it didn't pop off (MORE)

Tim Hortons: Canada's Coffee Shop

Founded in 1964, Tim Hortons has become synonymous with Canada's donut culture. Learn about this cultural icon's history and ties to Canada's national sport. (MORE)

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How did the saber-toothed hunted?

Saber-toothed cats hunted by knocking over their prey and laying on  them until they suffocated. Then, they used their massive "saber  teeth" to pierce the jugular vein in t (MORE)

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Can a mammoth kill a saber-toothed?

A mammoth can kill a saber tooth cat easily. But only a pack or the mammoth is in a tar pit will be killed by saber toothed cats. A 11 ton, 14 ft tall Columbian Mammoth would (MORE)

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What is the saber tooth tigers relatives?

I am not sure if this is right but, I have heard that maybe the closest living relative of the saber toothed cat is the clouded leopard. Clouded leopards are substantially sma (MORE)