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Who is Radiomoda Mamitua Saber?

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ambot xa imo?? ara man to xa balay...
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What does saber mean?

The origin is the Magyar (Hungarian) word "Szabla" which means "to cut down". It is the name given to the curved steel cavalry swords developed in Europe the 18th century , th

What is a sword and a saber?

A sword is a bladed weapon, they vary in size, shape, design. A saber is a sword, a weapon with a curved blade that is usually wielded by cavalry soldiers. (Soldiers on horse

Who is Ahmed Saber?

Hi is a microbiologist supervisor in ALMOTTAHEDOON PHARMA Co. for pharmaceutical, medical productio and cosmetics 10 th of Ramadan

What is the definition of saber in Spanish?

Saber means "to know." It means "know" in the sense of knowinginformation. The verb "conocer" means "know" too but in the way yousay you know a person or you know all about so