Who is Radiomoda Mamitua Saber?

ambot xa imo?? ara man to xa balay...
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In 1991, you were set to compete in the Olympics as the boxing team's captain when you were hit by a reckless driver and told you would never walk again. How did you manage to come back from your injuries bigger, better, and stronger than ever?

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When does a saber-toothed tiger extinct?

The last saber toothed cats died out 10,000 years ago, at the end of the Pleistocene. They probably became extinct because many species of their megafauna prey, such as mammot (MORE)

What are saber-toothed cat weight?

Saber toothed cats were a subfamily of cats, known by scientists as Machairodontinae. There were many genera and species, and each species had its own size. Some famous specie (MORE)

What size is a saber-toothed cat?

Saber toothed cats were an entire subfamily, with many different species. Each species had its own size. One of the most famous species, Smilodon fatalis, weighed 350 to 620 l (MORE)
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