Who is Radiomoda Mamitua Saber?

ambot xa imo?? ara man to xa balay...
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What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done on TV?

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What are saber-toothed cat weight?

Saber toothed cats were a subfamily of cats, known by scientists as Machairodontinae. There were many genera and species, and each species had its own size. Some famous specie (MORE)

What was the saber-tooth tiger's habitat?

a saber toothed tigers habitat is deep in the forest and the woods during the cold temperatures of the ice age. Two different types of saber-toothed cats lived in the midwest (MORE)
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A real life light saber?

Sure - why not? However, the movie version would not. In the sci-fi terms that define what a lightsaber is constructed of, it wouldn't work. But even George Lucas himself admi (MORE)

How did saber-toothed tigers hunt?

Saber toothed cats were not very fast, so they would have ambushed prey their prey, such as bison or elephants, to a close distance. Than, they would tackle it using their ext (MORE)