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Who is Radiomoda Mamitua Saber?

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How did saber tooth tigers hunt?

Saber toothed cats probably stalked up on their prey and then either pounced or chased the animal for a short distance. If it could grab the prey, it would have killed it with

Where did saber tooth tigers live?

They lived in North & South America, Europe, Africa, Eurasia,  Java, Asia   it is awesome    There are seven species that could be termed a Sabre-toothed Tiger. 

How did the saber tooth adapt?

The saber-toothed cat did a good job of adapting at first, but  obviously didn't succeed in the long run since they are extinct  today. They had to adapt to killing without

Is the saber-toothed cat a dinosaur?

no sorry but more of a cat but the creature did go back to the prehestoric times hears some info i found of the saber toothed cat maybe this can help you out....... With their
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Where did the Saber-Toothed Tiger Live?

Fossils from the subfamily that included all saber toothed cats have been found on every continent except Australia and Antarctica. The most famous genus of saber toothed cats