Who is the chief minister of Uttarakhand?

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On February 1, 2014, Harish Rawat was sworn in as the new Chief Minister of Uttarakhand.
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Chief minister of kerala?

Mr. V S Achuthanandan was the Chief Minister of Kerala during the period of 2006-2011. At present Mr. Ommen Chandi is the Chief Minister of Kerala. [June 2011 onwards]

Who is the chief minister of kerala?

Velikkakathu Sankaran Achuthanandan, (born 20 October 1923) is an Indian politician who has been the twentieth Chief Minister of Kerala state since May 2006. He has also been a member of the Politburo of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPI(M)) since 1985. Mr.V.S.Achuthananthan is the Chief M (MORE)

Who is the Chief Minister of Karnataka?

Currently: Presidents Rule began Nov 20, 2007. Prior to that: B S Yeddyurappa from November 12, 2007 until November 19, 2007. Prior to that: Presidents Rule October 9, 2007 - November 8, 2007 http://www.karnataka.com/govt/chief-minister/ Shri B S Yeddyurappa is currently Chief Minister of t (MORE)

Who is the chief minister of Gujarat?

RUPANI, Vijaay Vijay Ramniklal Rupani (born 2 August 1956) is an Indian politician from the Bharatiya Janata Party .is the incumbant Chief Minister ofGujrat

Chief minister s of kerala?

E. M. S. Namboodiripad. Pattom Thanu Pillai . R. Sankar. E. M. S. Namboodiripad. C. Achutha Menon. C. Achutha Menon. K. Karunakaran. A.K. Antony. P. K. Vasudevan Nair. C. H. Mohammed Koya. E. K. Nayanar. K. Karunakaran. K. Karunakaran. E. K. Nayanar. K. Karunakaran. A. K. Antony. Oom (MORE)

Second chief minister of kerala?

Pattom A. Thanu Pillai is the Second Chief Minister of Kerala.\n. \nHe served as the Chief Minister of Kerala from February 22, 1960 to September 25, 1962.

What is the minimum age of chief minister?

a citizen of India should be a member of the state legislature. If a person is elected chief minister who is not a member of the legislature, then he/she must become a member within six months. of 25 years of age

Who is present chief minister of india?

India comprises of various states eg UP MP PUNJAB BIHAR etcetc these states are headed by chief minister where as India as such is headed by Prime Minister who in now Dr Manmohan sigh

What is the step to select a chief minister?

Regarding the appointment and removal of the Chief Minister, Article 164(i) of the Indian Constitution states: " The CM shall be appointed by the Governor and the other Ministers shall be appointed by the Governor on the advice of the CM ,and the Ministers hold office during the pleasure of (MORE)

Who is India's chief minister?

There is no chief minister for india as such...the indian states have chief ministers and India has Dr. Manmohan Singh as its prime minister.

Who is the chief minister of Malacca sultanate?

The Malacca Sultanate was taken over by Portugal in the early1500s, so there is currently no chief minister. There were severalthroughout its history, including the last minister, Paduka Tuan,who served from 1510-1511.

Who is chief-minister of India?

There is no "Chief Minister of India"; there is a President and a Prime Minister at the top. Every state has a Chief Minister though.

If you were the chief minister?

1. a sensor board for news channels, empowered to leavey heavey penelties for false,misleading news. 2.r&d on non-petrol/disel vehicles on war footing. 3.compulsion of yoga in each and every school as a subject. 4.a pension scheme for elderly persons.( amounting to min. of rs.5000/- and above. (MORE)

Name the state chief ministers?

State . Chief Minister . Andhra Pradesh. Shri Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy. Arunachal Pradesh. Shri Dorjee Khandu. Assam. Shri Tarun Gogoi. Bihar. Shri Nitish Kumar. Chhattisgarh. Dr. Raman Singh. Delhi. Smt Sheila Dikshit. Goa. Shri Digambar Kamat. Gujarat. Shri Narendra Modi. Hary (MORE)

What is the salary of Chief ministers in India?

one lack 10 thousand Lowest Salary geter CM in India Manik Sarkar CM of Tripura donates his CM salary (9200) and allowances to his party, which pays him 5,000 (US$91) as subsistence allowances.

What are the function of chief minister in india?

The Chief Minister is the leader of the Council of Ministers of the State, and, therefore, he is the Chief adviser to the Governor. He is the link between the Governor and the Council of Ministers; he communicates the decisions of the Council of Ministers to the Governor. If the Governor has any adv (MORE)

Who is the current chief minister of chhattisgarh?

The current CM of Chhatisgarh is Dr. Raman Singh and, Mr. BrijmohanAgrawal is the minister of AGRICULTURE department, irrigation andwater resource department, fishery and animal husbandry departmentof Chhattisgarh.

Who is the vice chief minister of up?

There is no such position , but it solely depend upon the party in rule to decide whether they want this or not . It is generally done to satisfy the need of a big party leader who wanted to become CM but coundnt be made .

What is the position of chief minister in India?

chif minster poision in every state he\she is only higher authorty power to take the final decision. He is alloance the new policy and new development project etc. All power his only have a state

How the MLA's become chief minister?

The chief Minister select some MLA of his parts as minister. The governor makes the formal oppoinment and MLA becomes a minister. written by ADVAIT 7c address-typeC 52/5 B.A.R.C colony boisar school-chinmaya vidyalaya tarapur.

What is Uttarakhand?

Uttarakhand or Uttaranchal was carved out of 13 districts of Uttar Pardesh in 9th of Nov2000. It became the 27th state of the Indian Union with a total area of around 53,483 sqkms. Dehradun was made the state capital.