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Who manufactures Walmart's Super Tech synthetic oil?

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Depends on what part of the country you are in. It also changes from time to time as they use the bid process to award contracts for oil. So who makes it today may not be true next month. It may very well be a great oil, but I use only major brand oils and stay away from any store brand.
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Who manufactures Walmart's SuperTech antifreeze?

I did my own personal research on this question, and studied the Supertech Extended Life (5 year/150,000 Mile) Antifreeze bottles stocked at a local WalMart in Austin Texas. I

Where are the super walmart's in Michigan?

  There is a new one off of Adams Road and M-59 in Rochester, MI Rumors of one going into the old Summit Mall in Pontiac, MI.   Wal-Mart Supercenter Store #26183301 Po

Does Walmart's 'Super Tech' Coolant contain silicates?

No it doesn't, the coolant is made by Old World Industries which is Peak Brand, the formula for Super-Tech is basically an OAT which is good for American, Japanese or European

Who makes super tech motor oil?

Pennzoil. the disclaimer asks that you please contact the manufacturer for additional information about a product. Pennzoil Professional Customers 1-800-332-6457

What is super tech oil from walmart?

It is oil refined by one of the major oil companies.

Who makes oil filter super tech?

Champion Laboratories makes this filter for Wal-Mart. They make a variety of oil filters for a variety of brand names and even though Super Tech is Wal Mart's value line this

What vehicle does the oil filter super tech ST5?

The Supertech ST5 fits a number of different GM vehicle's. I cross referenced it to a WIX # 51060 Short List: Principal Application: | Chevrolet/GMC Trucks (91-05), Hummer (

Who manufactures walmart super tech oil?

Champion Labs has made them but that may vary from year to year and area to area.
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What are some companies that manufacture synthetic motor oil?

Penzoil Platinum may not offer the absolute best performance, but for the money, it's hard to beat. This synthetic oil still performs very well and is much more affordable and
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Do I use synthetic oil in my 07 Pontiac g6 eco tech motor?

You can but it is meant to be introduced early mileage to  extend longevity. On a 07 your miles are probably on the high side  for 1st time use. If you are sure it is synth