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Who owns Baja or lower California?

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It is owned by Mexico (capital: Mexico City). It is conformed by two Mexican states, named as Baja California (capital: Mexicali) and Baja California Sur (capital: La Paz).

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Who owns lower California?

  Mexico owns Baja (or lower) California

Who owns the peninsula called baja?

There is one answers to this question... if the peninsula is Baja California, then is owned by Mexico... (THE ANSWER IS MEXICO) if you are not talking about Baja California th

What is the capital of Baja California?

The capital of Baja California is Mexicali (32° 40' N, 115° 28' W) Note: Baja California is often mistakenly called Baja California Norte, but there is no such thing. In re

Which country is Baja California?

It is one of the States of Mexico.

Where is baja California located?

It is part of Mexico, northwest of the mainland.

Did John Wayne have a house in Baja California?

he owned a ranch in durango Mexico with another fellow actor ,two movies were later filmed there.

What is the traditional clothing in baja California sur?

The typical dress of Baja California Sur is a semicircular red skirt, it shows a ramified cactus plant, in which three flowers are distributed, one in the upper part and two t

What ocean borders Baja California?

The Pacific Ocean borders the Baja California Peninsula to the  west. It also has shores on the Gulf of California, which lies  between the peninsula and Mexico's mainland.