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Who passed the notch law on social security?

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Who passed the notch law on social security?
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Are common law marriages recognized by social security?

nopeThis is incorrect - Social Security has to follow the guidelines of each state. I live in Alabama where common law marriage is recognized. I have a case pending right now.

What are the Social Security laws in Colorado?

There are many social security laws in Colorado. Theses laws state that a social security number is only licensed to one person and that one should not try to make frauds.

When did the social security act passed?

At approximately 3:30 p.m. on August 14, 1935, the *Social Security Act* became law above President Franklin D. Roosevelt's signature

Was the medicaid program a direct result of funds provided by the Federal Emergency Relief Administration or by a law passed by congress in 1950 or by Social Security Act of 1935 or by Title xix o?

In 1965 the federal government provided for another group -- the medically indigent -- through a program that is known as Medicaid. Title XIX of Public Law 89-97, under the So