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Who said all women become like their mothers?

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Algernon in the play "Importance of being Ernest" by Oscar Wilde
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Your boyfriend says he likes plump women over skinny women yet you always see him looking at skinny women When you said something to him he said well not in a relationship Is this a security thing?

About Being Plump!   Let me guess what you mean by "security thing!" You think that that "security thing" means that no matter how much he is attracted to skinny woman he

Do all women like penis up the ass?

No they are in minority. Don't believe everything you see in porn. Anal sex is the bog thing right now but it does not mirror the reality. It hurts just as much on a woman as

Do all women like oral sex?

Not necessarily. All women have different sexual appetites an preference's It would be advisable to communicate with your partner in advance, instead of making assumptions tha

Do all women like having oral sex performed on them?

My wife has never allowed me to go down on her for moral reasons. She feels that all oral sex, both ways actually, is perverted. She's well educated (PhD, education) and other

Why is it said that logistically women won the war?

It is said that logistically, women won the war (in reference to  World War 2) because women were responsible for working in the  industry. This was due to the fact that mos

What do women like?

Answer     Different women like different things.however, most of them like jewelry,cosmetics and a wardrobe with clothes(preferably , all new and exotic)

Who said failure is the mother of success?

"Chinese Idioms Dictionary" to "Failure is the mother of success" is explained: the mother of the pilot. Refers to the good lessons learned from failures, to be successful. Ac

How can you convince your mother to let you wear guys clothes. I am a tomboy and my mother says that she doesnt want me dreesing like my brother even though i said i wont get anything he already has?

Cross-dressing, which means to wear articles of clothing identified with belonging to the other gender can be frowned upon by parents and many members of society. In principl

Why do some women hate their mothers?

I have had four relationships in which the girl I'm seeing hates  her mother. Three out of the four were because the mother has at  some point verbally abused the daughter.
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Why do you like your mother?

i like my mum because when i have problem she will help always so belive her and even love so when i leave her i miss her lot.