Who was from Virginia?

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Virginia Dare, George Washington, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, Arthur Ashe, Pearl Bailey, Warren Beaty, Sandra Bullock, June Carter Cash, Henry Clay, Patsy Cline, Reverend Jerry Falwell, Ella Fitzgerald, Sam Houston, Robert E. Lee, Wayne Newton, Reverend Pat Robertson, Kate Smith and many others.
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Who is the Governor of Virginia?

Terry McAuliffe is the 72nd and current governor of Virginia. Hewas elected in in 2013 and assumed office January 11, 2014. He is amember of the Democratic Party. The Governor in Virginia serves afour year term. The Governor in Virginia has no limit on the numberof terms that may be served. However, (MORE)

Why is Virginia called Virginia?

Virginia was named after Elizabeth I of England, who was also knownas "the virgin queen" because she never married (opinions aredivided on whether or not she was actually a virgin, but officially she was). The state of Virginia is named after Queen Elizabeth I of England who was known as the Virgin (MORE)

Why did Virginia and West Virginia separate?

West Virginia and Virginia separated because of the different thoughts of Slavery. Many people disagreed about Slavery this led to the start of the civil war. So, Virginia wanted to keep slavery and West Virginia wanted to abolish it so they both separated.If you have a question or comment or need m (MORE)

Why did West Virginia separate from Virginia?

During the Civil War, Virginians that lived to the west of the Allegheny Mountains were not happy with the government of Virginia. So when the Richmond government seceded, they declared themselves the legitimate government of Virginia, and authorized the division of the two states. West Virginians (MORE)

Why was Virginia formed?

Virginia colony was founded in 1607 by the English. It was foundedfor profit or to gain wealth. England also wanted to establish apermanent English settlement in Virginia to stake its claim in theNew World. The English knew that the Spaniards already had coloniesin South America and also had amassed (MORE)

What animals are in Virginia?

These were the animals in Virginia. white tail deer, cottontail rabbit, gray squirrel, opossum Skunks, coyotes, beavers, chipmunks, foxes, otters, muskrats, many types of snakes, birds, other reptiles and amphibians, nutria, moles and shrews, groundhogs, flying squirrels, bears. .

Will Virginia extradite?

Yes , to other states within the United States of America; no , to other countries. As in the case with the other 49 states in the U.S., Virginia tends to respect, and cooperate with, other states in extradition requests, as long as legal standards are satisfactorily met. Such requests tend to be m (MORE)

Is there a Disneyland in Virginia?

No. There are zero Disney related parks in the state of Virginia. In the early 1990s Disney was planning on building a history themedpark called Disney's America but it was cancelled.

What rhymes with Virginia?

zinnia skinnier linear I once had a boss called Virginia You think I'm quite thin? She was skinnier She drove me to drink, as the way that she thinks Is not lateral, just totally linear.

What does Virginia manufacture?

There are a number of things that Virginia manufactures such ascoal. Virginia also manufactures the very heavily demanded tobacco.

What is northeast of Virginia?

The University of Northeast Virginia is a recognised distance learning University situated at Reston, Virginia. The University mainly into management courses campus and off campus. The courses ranges from MBA, EMBA, Post Graduate Diploma and Ph.D. programs. In year 2008 the University won the presti (MORE)

What is Virginia?

Virginia is also a state in the United States. Virginia is also awoman's name. Virginia is a state in the United States. For more information, follow the link below.

What can you do in Virginia?

Read a book. . Take a walk. . Enjoy a nap. . Listen to the Virginia Symphony Orchestra. . Visit a battlefield. . Tour Mount Vernon and Monticello. . Go bird watching. . Consider the Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts. . Go fishing. . Go crabbing. . Have lunch. . Williamsburg (MORE)

Which direction is West Virginia from Virginia?

As the name implies, West Virginia was a western part of Virginia,the counties north and west of the Allegheny Mountains. The stateis due north of the "dip" in western Virginia. In 1861, the Union-supporting factions in these countiesestablished their own government, and became a state in 1863.

Why did West Virginia leave Virginia?

As the Civil War approached, Virginia was considered a border state. It had voted three times NOT to secede. After South Carolina fired on Ft. Sumter on April 12, 1861, President Lincoln called for 75,000 volunteers to put down the rebellion in the South. Not wanting to be part of an invasion of the (MORE)

What did the Virginia company hope to do in Virginia?

They hoped to make a profit on their investment and while there may have been political motivations like ending encroachment from Spanish Florida as well on behalf of King and Country it was and remained a business enterprise.

When and why did West Virginia secede from Virginia?

On June 6, 1863, West Virginia separated from Old Virginia in theyear 1863. This was because the West Virginia region of oldVirginia largely supported the North in the war efforts. WestVirginia did not have the type of land for growing cotton andtherefore did not have the "need" for slavery.

Is there hurricanes in Virginia?

yes there is hurricanes all over the world but it is less likely too strike Virginia because it is not as close to an ocean then other places

What are facts of Virginia?

The state of Virginia has many interesting facts. One of these facts on history is that: Presidents Zachary Tailor, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, James Madison,Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Monroe, and Woodrow Wilson were all born in Virginia.

Is Virginia in the south?

Yes it is in the south of the United States and fought for the Confederates during the civil war.

Why is West Virginia West Virginia?

At the time of the American revolution the territory of Virginia(the largest colony and state) included what is now west virginiaand part of southern Ohio. When the state of Virginia seceded fromthe United States to join the Confederacy in 1861, the majority ofpeople in the western part of the state (MORE)

Who was Virginias patroit?

There were many patriots in Virginia. The best known were probably George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, George Mason, and James Monroe.

What is the Virginia Plan?

The Virginia Plan outlined having a two-house legislature thatwould choose a president and Supreme Court justices. The Virginiaplan was a proposal that seats in Congress be awarded on the basisof the state's population. Also known as the Large-State Plan, was the idea that opposed theNew-Jersey Pla (MORE)

Is Virginia nice?

I like it. Weather is decent, nice scenery, lot of things to do. Ocean, mountains. nice amusement parks. Nice people for the most part, cost of living good.

Is Alexandria Virginia in West Virginia?

No, Alexandria is definitely in Virginia. (NOT West Va.) The fact that it is called "Alexandria, Virginia," not Alexandria, West Virginia," ought to be a clue.

Why did West Virginia seporate from Virginia?

As thge other people said in the bottom heres it in simp-le words: when there was only one Virginia, west Virginia didnt want slavery so it split from the other part of Virginia to join the cunion to become west virgina in civil war time. the other half of Virginia joined the confedercy and is known (MORE)

How did West Virginia split from Virginia?

These events led to the split of West Virginia from Virginia. The Ruffner Pamphlet In the West, most liked the idea of liberty and independence asoutlined by Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. In the Eastslavery was more of an economic issue rather than a moral issue.Eastern Virginans defended s (MORE)

Why West Virginia left Virginia?

During the civil war, Virginia was a part of the Confederate states of America. Part of Virginia (West Virginia) remained loyal to the Union, so it broke off of Virginia and formed its own state.

Why are there two Virginias?

West Virginia formed during the civil war,the west county was arguing with the east and then West Virginina formed.

Are there tarantulas in Virginia?

tarantulas are alive and well you will see about 5 if you go out in the woods...... if you get bitten you need to quit being a little beach....... kennendy is so stupid.....for believing this

Why did Virginia have a Earthquake?

i dont know, i mean who knows? only god or scientists.... just go ask someone who cares, ok? like that kid who answers questions and signs her name at the bottom, melissa is her name i think, yeah. she should probably care, so go ask her, not me! hhahaah jkjk dont worry im just kidding, i care, an (MORE)

What is the mining of Virginia?

The most common mining in Virginia is the mining of sand and aggregates (crushed stone) usually in the form of limestone or basalt. This is used in making concrete, and in asphalt paving. Virginia has an active coal mining industry in SW Virginia. There has also been mining of metals- iron, copper, (MORE)

Is Virginia a city?

It is one of the original 13 states- it is also the name of a city in Nevada.

What is Virginia in Spanish?

The same - Virginia - the state and the girl's name. It's the same in Spanish as in English, just pronounced differently.

Why West Virginia separated from Virginia?

There are several reasons why western Virginia wanted to secedefrom its eastern half. But, first, you have to look at thegeography of the then-joined states. Mountains split it in two. Andwith the limited technology the people of the 1860s had, it wasdifficult to cross said mountains, so communicati (MORE)

How did the english get to virginia?

By these three huge ships, the names of the ships are called the Susan Constant, Discovery, and the Godspeed. One of them was ruled by Caption John Smith, another one was ruled by Christopher Newport, the other one I don't know who ruled it. The special thing about Christopher Newport is that he onl (MORE)