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Who was the first president to use a telephone (1881)?

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Rutherford B. Hayes was the first President to use the telephone.
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In what year were dial telephones first used?

  They came into general usage in the l920"s. The candlestick type seen in Gangster movies was most popular with the dial at the base, and separate mike and receiver.The H

Us population in 1881?

  Approximately 52 million

Who was the President of the United States in 1881?

There were 3 US Presidents in 1881: Rutherford Birchard Hayes until March 4.James Abram Garfield from March 4 to September 19.Chester Alan Arthur from September 19. Rutherfor

Who was the president in 1881?

This depends on the country/organization. See related questions. US: Rutherford Birchard Hayes, until March 4. James Abram Garfield from March 4 to September 19. Chester Alan

What president had the first telephone installed in the White House?

Rutherford B. Hayes had the first telephone installed in the White House in 1879, The only place he could call was the Treasury since there were no switchboards in those day.

In 1881 how many US States were there?

Colorado became the 38th US State on 1 August 1876 and the Dakota's did not become US States until 2 November 1889.

Who first used the telephone?

alaxendar graham bell    Answer Yes, it is Alexander Bell on March 10, 1876. "Mr Watson-Come here-I want to see you" - is the first voice transmission he made.