Who were the candidates parties during 1868?

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The Democrats nominated Horatio Seymour and the Republicans nominated Ulysses S. Grant.
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Who were the candidates of the Constitutional Union Party in 1860?

The Constitutional Union Party Constitutional Union Party nominated John Bell of Tennessee for president and Edward Everettof Massachusetts for vice president. The party was organizedfor the United States election of 1860. It comprised old-line Whigsand remnants of the American (Know-Nothing) par (MORE)

What disadvantages does a third party candidate have?

Winner-take-all aspect of electoral college. ballot access. campaign financing (rules/limits, not effects). Federal funding of presidential elections. exclusion from presidential debates. single-member plurality districts

Who was the first presidential candidate for the Republican Party?

In the 1856 election, John C. Fremont became the first Republicancandidate for president. He lost the election to James Buchanan. In 1860, Abraham Lincoln became the first Republican to win thepresidential election. His election, however, was the finalcatalyst for the secession of the South, causin (MORE)

What happens during the Presentation of the Candidate?

It is when they present the candidates and catechists to the whole congregation. They are presented with their sponsors then blessed by the whole church. They are invited to stay for the Liturgy of the Word. Then given time to go reflect. They are also accepted by the church.

What is a third party candidate?

A third party candidate is one that is not from one of the two major parties but is not an independent. The US has evolved a two-party system especially in the election of the president. However, on occasion, a third-party will arise and run a candidate. These parties are sometimes limited to just a (MORE)

Who was the democratic candidate in the election of 1868?

Horatio Seymour 1868 Presidential Candidate There were two candidates for the Presidential election of 1868. Horatio Seymour - Francis Blair were the Democratic candidates, and Ulysses S. Grant - Schuyler Colfax were the Republican. Ulysses S. Grant won the election to become the 18th President of (MORE)

Does the communist party have a candidate for the 2008 elections?

No communist party nomineed that I know of but there is a socialist nominee (see below) . Brian Patrick Moore (born June 8, 1943) is a democratic socialist politician from Spring Hill, Florida . He is the Socialist Party USA and Liberty Union Party nominee for President of the United State (MORE)

Does every candidate belong to a political party?

Every candidate does not belong to a political party. Somecandidates choose to run as an independent, meaning they are notassociated with a particular party but generally have their ownplatform of ideas they are running on.

How do third party candidates affect elections?

They sometimes gain enough votes to cause a major party to lose. (Reasoning That Might help You : There are usually only two majorparties that have the most power in U.S. politics, even thoughthose parties have changed over time. Third party candidates,however, are still able to influence elections. (MORE)

Which party raises millions of dollars for its candidate?

A successful one. Barak Obama raised millions by accessing his donors on the internet. Those donors were not the ones that gave thousands of dollars, but those thousands who gave just a few dollars. For the first time, "Jane the student" was able to participate in a meaningful way, to a Presidential (MORE)

What party nominates candidates for elections?

I will presume you are speaking of the United States, where there are two main parties the Democrats and Republicans. These parties have nominees for elections as do numerous other parties like Libertarian, Green, Constitution, and others. Each must meet the rules each State sets for ballot qualific (MORE)

How third party candidates get on the ballot?

3 have ballot access in most states. The Libertarian Party with Bob Barr, the Constitution Party with Chuck Baldwin, and the Green Party with... actually I'm not sure what her name is.

Does ever candidate belong to a political party?

There have been independent (not of the main two parties) candidates. Examples include George Wallace, (American Independent party) Ross Perot- a more recent Third-Party man, and the somewhat misunderstood John Anderson. Newspaper cartoons lampooned Mr. Anderson as the (Donkelephant) a freakish cros (MORE)

Who were the candidates during the 1968 election?

In 1968, Johnson was the incumbent, but chose not to run.. Senator Eugene B. McCarthy from Minnesota was a critic of the Vietnam War, and was a Democrat.. Robert F. Kennedy also ran as a democrat, and he would have most likely won the election, if he had not been assassinated after winning the Cal (MORE)

What type of elections decide on a party candidate?

Most often a primary is used to directly decide a candidate at the state and local level. To decide a party's candidate for President, states may use a variety of means -- chiefly primaries and caucuses -- to choose delegates to a national convention. These delegates, often pledged to a partic (MORE)

Who was the Whig party candidate in the election of 1856?

The Whig Party had lost much of its power by 1856, and at their national convention in September of that year they chose not to put up a candidate of their own for president but rather to endorse the American Party's candidate, Millard Fillmore.

What is a 3rd party candidate?

A third-party candidate is one who is not nominated by either of the two major parties (the Democratic Party or the Republican Party). A recent example in a US Presidential election is Green Party nominee Ralph Nader, who played a significant role in the 2000 election.

Who was the first candidate ever of the Democratic Party?

Andrew Jackson essentially founded a national Democratic party. The party split just before the Civil War and had to re-organize almost totally. Samuel Tilden was the first candidate of the reformed Democratic Party to have a serious chance of winning.

What are three parties and their candidates in the 1848 election?

The two major candidates in 1848 were the winner, Zachary Taylor ,who ran as a Whig and Lewis Cass, Democrat from Michigan. MartinVan Buren, ran on the anti-slavery Free Soikl ticket. He did notwin any electoral votes, but polled 10.1 % of the popular vote andlikely swung the election in New York,Ma (MORE)

What is the effect of a strong minor party candidate on the major parties?

The effect varies with the details of the situation. The minor party can be a splinter group off of a major party , in which case its candidate will take votes from that major party and perhaps tilt the election to the other party. This is what happened in 1912 when Theodore Roosevelt who had been a (MORE)

What are the benefits of voting for a minor party candidate?

It is a protest vote unless you think the third party has a chance of winning- a vote made to send a message to anyone who reads the vote tallies. If a minor party with a definite issue in mind gets a considerable number of votes, there is a chance that a major party will take up the issue in the ne (MORE)

Do political parties pick presidential candidates?

Yes, indeed. The presidential nominees are an important function of the national parties. They do hold primary elections to let the rank-and-file party members and supporters vote for potential candidates and recently these primaries have became all-important to the nomination process.

What does a candidate do during a presidential election?

Basically, a candidate tries to make himself appear more capable than his opponent(s). This can include stating his goals and plans, and illustrating his former experiences. The idea is to make oneself the "better choice" to lead the country. A lot of what influences voters are their expectations fo (MORE)

What candidate did the Whig party support?

In its two decades of existence, the Whig Party had two of its candidates, William Henry Harrison and Zachary Taylor, elected President. Both died in office. John Tyler succeeded to the Presidency after Harrison's death but was expelled from the party. Millard Fillmore, who became President after Ta (MORE)

How do political parties choose presidential candidates?

In the modern era, U.S. political parties choose their presidentialcandidates by primaries and caucuses. A primary is an election inwhich voters choose from a list of candidates for that party only;a caucus is a process by which people gather in meeting places andgroup themselves according to which (MORE)

Who was the candidate for the democrat party?

Democratic Party Nominees for U.S. President : . 1836 : incumbent Vice President Martin Van Buren of New York(won) . 1840 : incumbent President Martin Van Buren of New York(lost) . 1844 : former Tennessee Governor James K. Polk (won) . 1848 : U.S. Senator Lewis Cass of Michigan (lost) . 1852 : (MORE)

Who is the presidential candidate for the republican party 2016?

As of November 2014, that hasn't been determined. However, Republicans who have expressed interest are: . Michele Bachmann . John R. Bolton . Jeb Bush . Herman Cain . Ben Carson . Chris Christie . Ted Cruz . Lindsey Graham . Mike Huckabee . Bobby Jindal . George Pata (MORE)

What are candidates for each party chosen through?

However the party likes. Political parties are an emergent development; they're neither required nor forbidden by the Constitution, so there are no rules forcing them to choose their candidates in any particular way.Currently, both major parties (and at least most of the minor ones) choose them by (MORE)