Why Do Lil Jon Wear Shades?

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i seen him n a documentary w/o them once an he got reel buggy eyes
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Who is Lil Jon?

He is a hip hop producer, and the self-proclaimed King of Crunk. He is so sexy, and he has sold over 400 million albums.

Is lil Jon Lil Wayne's brother?

No they are not brothers, or related in any way although lil Wayne stole lil Jon's image that is about it

Why does lil john always wear shades?

'cuz the position of his eyes look fcked up look up a picture on Google you'll see dat it was worse back in his high school days... he looked so nerdy don' nobody could tell

Is Lil Wayne related to Lil Jon?

Yes. The name "Lil" is actually their last name. So, Lil Wayne is actually Wayne Lil and so forth with "Lil John," "Lil Kim," "Lil Scrappy," etc. Hence they are all related an
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When was Get Low by Lil Jon released?

Get Low by Lil Jon was released in 2003 and was followed by many other great hits. You can visit his website or the website for his record label for more information or other