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The Irish are not poor...maybe you should go there then you will realise it is quite a wealthy first world (and expensive) country. The government is riddled with debt though...
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Who are the Irish?

The Irish are the people who live in island and they are also the people who play bagpippers and where a skirt called a kilt (that's mostly th men tho) Kilts are scottish actu

What is you have in Irish?

"You have a car" in Irish would be "Tá carr agat", (literally "there is a car at-you").

Why are you Irish?

I was born in Ireland! Have Irish parents, grandparents, great-grandparents. I'd say that's why I'm Irish!
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How did Irish become so poor?

Not all Irish are poor. The stereotype of a poor Irishman arose from the potato famine of the 1850's, when many poor Irish emigrated to the United States to flee the poverty a
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Is the can can Irish?

No. The dance known as the Can Can is French.