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The Irish are not poor...maybe you should go there then you will realise it is quite a wealthy first world (and expensive) country. The government is riddled with debt though...
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Was Irish McCalla Irish?

    No. She was an American actress, born in Nebraska. She was, however, of Irish descent; and acquired that nickname while in school. It may even have been intended

Cheers in Irish?

as a toast Sláinte - (slawn-cheh)

Thank you in Irish?

(To one person) Go raibh maith agat (To several) Go raibh maith agaibh.

What is Irish for God be with you?

  Dia dhuit. Pronounced: Deea gwit. Dia leat (singular) / Dia libh (plural)

What makes poor countries poor?

I think what makes poor countries poor is that the inefficient use of the resources available , corruption also is a major reason , but i think the most important fact that wh

What is the Irish Gaelic for Irish?

The Irish language is an Ghaeilge. Irish as an adjective is Éireannach The Irish (people) is Éireannaigh

What is the Irish for 'I love Irish men'?

Let's see...there are a few ways...   Is maith liom fír Éireanach = I like Irish men.   Is bréa liom fír Éireanach = I ____ Irish men. 'Bréa' doesn't really