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Why are Muslim Jewish and Christian religions fighting?

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Islam doesn't fight anyone. In fact a Muslim is no Muslim unless he believes in Moses and Jesus as prophets sent by Allah to guide people to the right path just as Muhammad (PBUH) is. Islam teaches people how to be tolerant with all other people of all faiths unless they-other people-started war. Opinions
  • Muhammad,(founder of Islam) who lived in the seventh century C.E., claimed to be an Ishmaelite descendant of Abraham. Ishmael was the firstborn son of Abraham,from earliest times the first born son held an honored position in the family and was the one who succeeded to the headship of the household. He inherited a double portion of the fathers property. Since the firstborn sons among the Israelites were those in line to become the heads of the various households, they represented the entire nation. Ishmael, as Abraham's oldest son, was prospective heir for about 14 years. (Ge 16:16; 17:18-21; 21:5) But at Sarah's request and with God's approval, Abraham dismissed Ishmael, then about 19 years of age. Isaac then possessed the first born's right and later received everything that Abraham had.(Ge 21:8-13) 25:5,?6). Muslims, as descendants of Ishmael, believe they are God's chosen people, and Christendom believe they are by virtue of Issac, Jesus came through the line of descent from Abraham Issac and so on,but the Muslims feel strongly that their inheritance was stolen.
  • There is also too much of a generalization in the question. The religions themselves are not fighting. The dispute is between the inhabitants of a certain region of the Middle East. The factions just happen to be uniform in their religious affiliations because a dispute over land allocation was handled badly. srael is a modern nation. After the Second World War, the Jews wanted a homeland. Unfortunately this meant some one else was going to have to give up some real estate. It eventually wound up being the Palestinians. Regardless of ones faith it is difficult to be told one day that you are just going to have to give up your home so some one else can live there. Israel/ the Middle East is the home and birth place of all three of these faiths so many of their holy sites share common ground. There is a constant tension over ownership and always has been.If you are talking about the war on terror that is another issue all together with quite complex socio political causes and implications that have very little to do with religion even if Islam is used as a banner by evil doers.
  • Near as I can tell, each group believes that God is Love and are willing to kill one another to prove it.
  • The religious war taking place in Palestine boils down to a clash of civilizations; Secrets lay beneath.

They fight just for political reasons and they take religion just as excuse. Otherwise, could you explain the reasons behind WW1 and WW2 that both opposite rivals are mainly Christians.

All God religions call for tolerance and mutual respect and never call for fighting unless to defend their homes, territory, and free will.
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