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Why are oranges called naval oranges?

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Not all oranges are "navel" some are "valencia" and some are "blood' these are just names for different varieties. On the bottom of the navel orange looks like a belly button - navel
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Are naval oranges seedless?

  Naval Oranges are indeed seedless. The naval end of a naval orange is a "conjoined" twin making the whole orange sterile as soon as the flower starts to fruit. Thus no

What was orange called before orange?

before orange was called orange it was called haugh. the reason for this is because a slave (who was Harriet Tubman's best friend) named Karen Haugh discovered the orange whil

How were naval oranges developed?

  There was an orange tree that developed a deformation in the fruit, so that it would not bear seeds. It was a complete accident, but now the naval orange is very popular

Why is the orange called orange?

Orange derives from Indian, Tamil naranthai to Sanskrit nāraṅgaḥ "orange tree", with borrowings through Persian nārang, Arabic nāranj, Spanish naranja, Late Latin arang

Why is an orange called orange?

An orange is not called an orange because it is the colour orange.   The name of the fruit was give to the orange, and the name of the colour was adapter by the colour of t