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Why are oranges called naval oranges?

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Not all oranges are "navel" some are "valencia" and some are "blood' these are just names for different varieties. On the bottom of the navel orange looks like a belly button - navel
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Difference between naval and Valencia oranges?

There are a few key differences between navel and Valencia oranges.Navel oranges are sweeter, and appear to have a navel on theoutside. Valencia oranges are more bitter and co

What called orange in Malayalam?

Since orange is not a native fruit of kerala it is called orange in Malayalam too.

If oranges weren't orange would they be called oranges at all?

Yes. see, the orange like the fruit came before the color orange. the color orange came from the orange (fruit), how it was colored. so if the orange were to say have been pur

Why is the orange called orange?

Orange derives from Indian, Tamil naranthai to Sanskrit nāraṅgaḥ "orange tree", with borrowings through Persian nārang, Arabic nāranj, Spanish naranja, Late Latin arang

What are the slices of oranges also called?

They are called 'Segments' of orange, or like you said 'slices'. The slices are when you cut the orange across the center and they look like a sun burst with the division insi

What is a large orange called?

An orange is an orange no matter the size. Otherwise, there is no name at all for an orange large or small.

Why is orange juice called orange juice when its yellow?

The word "orange" in "orange juice" is an adjective that means "made of orange", not the color. As well as, some other substances mix in with the 'orange juice' that create a

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What is an orange?

An orange is a fruit grown in places with warm, sunny climates. In the United States, Florida is a popular place to grow them as well as along the Mediterranean Sea.