Why are the tulip flowers called tulips?

tulips are called tulips from the word tulipa gesneriana
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Why is the tulip the national flower of Iran?

Tulip is actually from Iran as described in the Related Link below.    In Persian culture tulip represents bravery of those people who  have died for their country (Iran (MORE)

Is a tulip flower a complete flower?

A complete flower has all four parts: sepal, petals, stamen (male)  and pistil (female).    A perfect flower just has the male and female parts.    The tulip is a c (MORE)

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How did tulips get their name?

They got their name from the Persian word "toliban" meaning turban. Why you may ask? Well because the shape of the headdress that many people in the Middle East wear today is (MORE)

Are tulips a state flower?

No. Currently, there is no state that has the tulip as an official state flower.
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What to with tulips after they bloom?

After tulips bloom, you can cut the foliage back by half, so they can still store some energy for the next year's flowers. When it gets hot, the leaves will turn yellow and di (MORE)
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Where did the tulip originate from?

Although tulips are often associated with Amsterdam and Holland, they are native to central Asia and cultivated by the Turks. In the 16th century, the Habsburg ambassador in I (MORE)

How do tulips survive?

Tulips are adapted to cope with the harsh elements during the  winter. They have storage organs located underground that enable  them to survive extreme cold weather.
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