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Why are the tulip flowers called tulips?

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tulips are called tulips from the word tulipa gesneriana
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Are tulips perfect or imperfect flowers?

Tulips are considered perfect flowers. These flowers have male andfemale reproductive parts, known as the androecium and gynoecium,which makes them complete.

What is Tulip?

A tulip is a flower. Sometimes can mean different things aswell.

Is a tulip flower a complete flower?

A complete flower has all four parts: sepal, petals, stamen (male)and pistil (female). A perfect flower just has the male and female parts. The tulip is a complete flower.
In Kannada

What do you call a tulip flower in Kannada?

Kannada is a language spoken in India, especially in the state ofKarnataka. Believe it or not, the English "tulip" is pronounced"tulip" in Kannada. The tulip plant was introd

Is tulip a flower?

Actually, Tulip is a cross-species of alien infested bacteria for which has been a part of human kind for many centuries. It was first discovered when it took over people's bo